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itrezzo Admin

Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator

itrezzo Admin

Right-Click the BES Configuration Folder

itrezzo Admin

Select 'Add Connector' and then choose your version of BES. (Options are SQL BES 4.0 and up; Mailbox BES 3.6)

itrezzo Admin

  1. Enter the Server Name or IP of the server where the BES database is stored
  2. Enter the Database Name (Default is BESmgmt)
  3. Choose your Security logon. This can utilize the integrated itrezzo logon (itrezzo service account) or you may use SQL Server Authentication logon.
  4. Use the 'Test' button to confirm that the information which was provided is accurate and connects to the database.

itrezzo Admin

Click on the 'Push Server Tab'

A push server may already be present, if it is not then hit “Refresh List”. This should populate a push server for you. If it does not then your BES server may not be configured as a push server. If this is the case then please refer to the Mandatory Browser Channel portion of the Wiki.

Select 'OK'
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