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Understanding the Numbering Scheme

BlackBerry Manager About Screen

BlackBerry Manager About Screen

The standard BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version number scheme consists of four numeric integer values separated by decimal points. For explanation purposes, the version is described with letters here:


In this case:

  • A is the Major Version Number
  • B is the Minor Version Number
  • C is the Service Pack Level
  • D is a sequential build number

For example, Version is broken down as follows:

  • BES 4.1
  • Service Pack 5
  • The build number is 26 but this number may not be consistent across all BES components. It can usually be ignored. This build number may be incremented for maintenance releases and hot fixes.

Where to Find the Version Number

There are multiple methods to determine the version of a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

From the BlackBerry Manager

From the BlackBerry Manager, pull down the Help Menu and choose About.

As shown in the screen snapshot above, the Version number is in the upper right corner of the dialog.

From the Microsoft Windows Control Panel

Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Open the Add/Remove Programs icon.
  3. Find and select the BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the list of installed applications
  4. Select the link, Click here for Support information.
  5. The following dialog will appear and show the version.

BlackBerry Manager About Screen

From the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Logs

Find the location of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Logs and open the Dispatcher Log.

Double click on the Dispatcher Log to open it in Notepad

Search for BlackBerry Dispatcher Version

30000 (09/18 00:00:00.829):{0xDFC} ENV BlackBerry Dispatcher Version

List of Version Numbers

On BlackBerry Enterprise Server History Wiki, you can find a list of past and present version numbers.  

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