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Enable Sync to Outlook Contact Subfolder

When synchronizing a Mandatory Contacts List to a user, you have an option to sync to the default contacts folder, or to create a subfolder and separate all Mandatory Contacts from personal contacts for each user. There are actually three options:

  1. Use the default Outlook Contacts folder
  2. Use a subfolder and move any MCL contacts that the user may already have in to a subfolder
  3. Use a subfolder and do not move any MCL contacts that the user may already have -- create new contacts in the subfolder.

The default name of the subfolder is itrezzo MCL. If you need to change the name of the subfolder (for example, name it GAL, or staff) do this before you roll out contact management to your users. This subfolder will not be renamed.

From the itrezzoAgent Administrator, right click on the EPS container and choose properties.


This dialog will appear. Select the check box to Put Mandatory Contacts in a sub-folder.


Only Manage contacts in subfolder will ignore GAL contacts in the users default contacts folder. Since many smartphones show contacts from both the default contacts folder and all subfolders, some users may see duplicates (of existing contacts only) on their smartphone. If you clear this check box, the itrezzoAgent will try to preserve unique contact information, while moving those contacts to the subfolder and merging GAL information.

This is a global setting for all users. If certain users do not want to use subfolders, you can override any user from the “User Statistics” container. Expand the EPS container and select User Statistics. Find a user that needs a different subfolder setting right click on the respective row:


Customize the settings for that user to meet your needs:

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