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Handheld Public Folder Setup


Handheld Public Folder (HHPF) setup steps are presented in this article. Each step is provided with description.

After setup is complete, you have to install custom MAPI views. For next steps, see HHPF view in Outlook installation.

Step 1. Create Public Folder to Hold Messages

The first thing that you must do is create a public folder (to hold messages). The BESadmin must have owner access to the mailbox. It will create sub-folders, so there is no choice but to give the itrezzoAgent / BESadmin service account mailbox owner permissions on this specific folder.

An example would be:

Public Folder
All Public Folder
BlackBerry Handhelds

In this case, the itrezzoAgent mailbox needs to have read- or list- access to the parents and owner access to the "BlackBerry Handhelds" folder.

The user should avoid having any replicas of this folder.

Note. In a large organization with many servers, it can take a while for permissions to propagate, so create the folder and set permissions a few hours in advance.

Step 2. Go to itrezzoAgent Administrator and Select Target Handhelds Folders

When permissions are in place, right click on 'Asset Management - BPE' using the itrezzoAgent administrator and choose 'Properties'.
Folder Selector window

Click the 'folder' button: (which may take a while to appear if the public folder heirarchy is large).

Select the target handhelds folder:
Folder Selector window

Choose 'OK' and 'OK'

Step 3. Run BPE Process

Run the BPE process and within about 20 minutes, a message for each handheld should appear.

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