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Steps to Sync Public Folder Contacts to Outlook and a Smartphone

Below is a step by step guide on how to sync a public contact folder to a group of smartphones. These steps will be described using the itrezzoAgent Administrator. This procedure assumes that the itrezzo service account has at least 'Reviewer' access permissions to the Public Folder where the contact data resides.

Login to an itrezzo server in your primary location (this is where the itrezzo service account mailbox is located). When doing these steps, it is suggested that you login to the itrezzo server using the account associated with the service mailbox. Follow the instructions below on how to sync a public folder to your smartphone.

On your desktop or laptop, double-click the Win32 Administrator icon as shown by the red arrow below.

How to find and launch the itrezzo Administrator

To sync a public folder to an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones, there are two methods. You can use a Custom Contact List (CCL) or a Mandatory Contact List (MCL). In this example, we will use an MCL.

First, add the public folder as an Alternate Contact Source. Expand the EPS Container and right click on the Alternate Contact Sources node in the navigation bar. Select Add Data Source and next select Public Folder in the cascading menu.


After selecting the options above this dialog will appear.


Click on OK to see this screen.


Notice that the Name in Alternate Contact Source is the same as the public folder and it has been automatically populated. Now click the OK button.

Note that if you select the new Alternate Contact Source on the navigation bar, you can see the contacts in the contents page.


Next, select the new Alternate Contact Source you just created. Right click on it to make the action menu appear. Choose Make Mandatory Contact List.


After selecting this menu item, you will be taken to another dialog that will allow you to choose who gets this contact list. Under Target: Authorized Recipients, click on Select


If the public contact folder has contacts that are missing email addresses and you wish those contacts to also be pushed to user smartphones, check the box "Include contacts with no email address".

Click OK to finish completion of the Mandatory Contact List.

The contacts from the public folder will get pushed on the next scheduled run. You can also Run EPS on Demand.

When the EPS task completes, each of the contacts will appear in the users mailbox and on their smartphone.

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