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How itrezzoAgent Resolves BES Device Conflicts

How does itrezzoAgent Resolve BES PIN Conflicts?

BlackBerry PIN Extraction (BPE) is an itrezzoAgent feature which reads the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) database to extract critical contact information. If a BlackBerry PIN is added on a second (BES) before it is removed from the original BES, itrezzoAgent EPS may detect a conflict. When itrezzoAgent EPS runs, it compares the status record of conflicting handhelds. The handheld with the most recent activity is assumed to be the current user of the BlackBerry handheld device. All earlier contacts are made void, hence ignored during the EPS run.

A system log is given below to show how itrezzoAgent resolves BlackBerry handhelds PIN conflicts.

The itrezzoAgent found more than one record for the same PIN or SMTP address in the BES databases during the BPE process.

The conflicts were resolved in favor of the record with the more recent activity (Status = Current):

PIN       Last Activity       Display Name        BES Server           Status
2993A7A7  Aug-15-11 23:56:30  Alasteir Lander (ALS)    BES1             Current
2993A7A7  Dec-14-10 01:07:23  MountDive (MDev3)        BES2            (ignored)

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