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SQL Permissions

Modified on 2014-01-18 05:31 by Lalaine F. Categorized as SQL Server

SQL Permissions

  1. Add SQL login for the account that the agent uses (that is under Security \Logins)
  2. Get Properties of that login
  3. On General page assign BESMgmt (or whatever it's named) as default database
    • Click OK to close dialog
  4. Open Securables page
    • Click Add
    • Choose "Specific Objects"
  5. Find the BESMgmt database (or whatever it's called) under Databases container
  6. Open Security container > Users > get properties for the target Login
  7. Now open Securables page
  8. Click Add
    • Specific Objects
    • Object Types
  9. Select Tables and Views
    • Click OK
  10. That takes you back to Select Objects dialog
    • Click Browse (under "Enter the object names)
  11. Choose UserConfig, UserStats, ServerConfig, SyncDeviceMgmtSummary tables and vHandheldSummaryInfo view
  12. Click OK
  13. For each of those check Grant for the Select right

Done. That's for SQL Server 2005. Earlier versions have a different admin interface, but the permissions you need to grant are identical

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