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1 Introduction

This is the technical reference site for itrezzo, headquartered in Campbell, California. The company's current product line intersects mobile collaboration, business continuity, and Enterprise Directory Services. The primary intent of this Wiki site is to document itrezzo products such as:

Because our products are tightly integrated with other platforms, information may also be documented on other third party products where relevant.

2 Third Party Products

Since itrezzo products are tightly integrated with third party products, this Wiki site will also offer related technical content and information on:

 Microsoft Outlook

 Microsoft Active Directory

 Microsoft Exchange Server

 Microsoft Windows Mobile

 RIM® BlackBerry® Smartphone and BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution

Although you may find information on this site that is relevant to any of the above topics, the primary focus of this Technical Support Wiki is to help itrezzo Customers in the trial and production implementation of itrezzoAgent EPS.

3 Support Topics

3.1 Common Server Tasks

3.2 Common Handheld Tasks

3.3 Platform Release Notes

See the current itrezzoAgent release notes

4 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for installing itrezzoAgent Server?

Can I install itrezzoAgent on the BES Server?

What are the basic steps to get EPS running?

How can I push the GAL to my BlackBerry handhelds?

What is new in the current itrezzoAgent release?

How do I configure PIN Broadcast Lists?

How can I push documents to the BlackBerry home screen?

How can I get technical support?

Where are the logs files stored and how much disk space can they take up?

How can I move or migrate the itrezzoAgent Service account mailbox ?

itrezzo Support Wiki version See the itrezzo web site or the itrezzo blog site to learn about contact management on your smartphone.

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