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Alternate Data Source - Microsoft Exchange Public Folders

Microsoft Exchange Public Contact Folders

Public folders on a Microsoft Exchange Server allow users to share data and collaborate with other people in an organization. The most common reason for itrezzoAgent EPS users to setup an Exchange Public Folder is to share contact information with BlackBerry smartphone users. This is usually called a Public Folder Contact List.

When an Alternate Contact Folder is established, updates from Public Folders can be merged into a user contact folder and the BES Synchronization Service will replicate those changes to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Setting up Exchange Public Folders as an Alternate Contact Source in itrezzo

  1. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator
  2. Expand the EPS container
  3. Right-click on Alternate Contact Sources
  4. Select 'Add Public Folder'
  5. Expand the Exchange Public Folders tree and select the Public Folder that you want to add
  6. Select 'OK'

Setting an Exchange Public Folder as a Mandatory Contact List

  1. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator
  2. Expand the EPS Container
  3. Expand Alternate Contact Sources
  4. Right-click on the Public Folder
  5. Select 'Make Mandatory Contact List'
  6. Select the 'Target' button
  7. Select from the Global Address List (GAL) users or Active Directory (AD) distribution lists you would like to push the public folder contacts to
  8. Select 'OK'

Other Options

Since the itrezzoAgent BlackBerry PIN Extraction Process (BPE) will automatically update the BlackBerry PIN in all appropriate contacts, there is no reason to create Public Folders with the BlackBerry PIN field.

It may be important for the administrator to select the 'Include contacts with no email address' option when using a public folder as a Mandatory Contact List. There may be instances where there is no primary email address and contacts will still need to be pushed to users. 

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