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SQL Data Sources

Many organizations use SQL databases to store critical contact information. In most cases, SQL databases can be queried and reports can be generated using the pulled information. However, there is no easy way to extract specific contact details and have that information synchronize with users' handheld devices. The itrezzoAgent EPS solution provides the capability to use SQL databases as alternate contact source (ACS) and synchronize stored contacts with employees' smartphones.

Setting Up SQL Databases as an Alternate Contact Source

  1. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator
  2. Expand the EPS Container
  3. Right-click on 'Alternate Contact Sources'
  4. Select 'Add Data Source'
  5. Type in the name you would like for this Alternate Contact Source
  6. Select the 'Edit' button
  7. Click on the 'Connection Type' dropdown and select the appropriate data connection type
  8. For SQL Server, you will enter the server name or IP
  9. Enter the database name
  10. Choose the security method for connection (Integrated or Supplied Identity)
  11. Select 'OK'
  12. You may optionally select the 'Test' button to test your connection
  13. Enter your Query String for the data you wish push with itrezzAgent EPS.
  14. Select 'Run' to view the results of your SQL query
  15. Select 'OK'

Setting a SQL data sources as a Mandatory Contact List

  1. Select 'Make Mandatory Contact List'
  2. Select the 'Target' button
  3. Select from the Global Address List (GAL) users or Active Directory (AD) distribution lists you would like to push the public folder contacts to
  4. Select 'OK'

Note – It may be important for an admin to select the 'Include contacts with no email address' option when using Alternate Data Sources as a Mandatory Contact List. There may be instances where there is no primary email address and contacts will still need to be pushed to users.

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