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Authorization Code Definition

1.0 Description

Each itrezzoAgent account gets a unique Authorization Code (AuthCode) from itrezzo when the mailbox is initialized. If the primary SMTP address of the service account mailbox changes, the AuthCode will become invalid.

License packs issued by itrezzo are all uniquely configured for a specific Authcode. When license packs are sent via email, the body of each license pack contains the Authcode.

An itrezzoAgent Server Authcode contains 12 hexadecimal digits.

2.0 Manually Setting the Authcode

When a license pack is sent, the authorization code is shown in the body of that message. It is critical that the SMTP address of the service account mailbox matches the SMTP address shown in the email message (see sample below)

A new license pack is attached for the itrezzoAgent server. 
To install this license pack, please forward the message to
the e-mail address of the itrezzoAgent mailbox. Within one 
minute you should receive a message confirming that the license 
pack was automatically added. Please check to make sure 
that you are running the latest version of the 
itrezzoAgent server. 

It is located at 

Authorization Code: 31065CD40055
Mailbox: [email protected]
Expires: December 11, 2009
License for 45 users
Services: GAL;EPS

EPS Configuration Tab

EPS Configuration Tab

To set the Authorization code:

1. Stop the itrezzoAgent service and itrezzoAgent Watchdog

2. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator

3. Right-click on the small itrezzoAgent icon at the top left corner of the navigation bar.

4. Choose 'Properties'.

5. Select the Configuration Tab

6. Click the 'Change' button

7. Enter the authorization code as shown in the body of the license pack email

8. Click 'OK'

9. Click 'OK'

10. Close the itrezzoAgent Administrator

11. Start the itrezzoAgent Service

You may now forward license packs to the itrezzoAgent service account mailbox.

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