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Active Directory Distribution List for BlackBerry Users


The BES Auto DL feature of the itrezzoAgent server can automatically create and maintain unique Distribution Groups in Active Directory that will mirror the membership on each BlackBerry Server. This is useful for three reasons:

1) This allows the system administrator to send email messages to the entire population of users on a BES. This may be useful when announcing planned maintenance or sending notifications of a current system outage.

2) This is useful for the helpdesk as each user in the Active Directory will reveal which BES they reside on by displaying their group membership.

3) The itrezzoAgent EPS software allows a PIN Broadcast feature. Having the BES Auto DL allows an option to create unique PIN Blast lists for each BlackBerry Server.

If you do not use BlackBerry, you might also consider the Automatic Distribution List of ActiveSync Users

Setting Permissions for BES Auto DL

  • While logged in as an Enterprise Admin, launch Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Pull down the 'View' menu and make sure 'Advanced Features' is selected
  • Locate the container where you might normally keep distribution lists and would want BPE to create the BES Auto DLs
  • Right-click on the desired container and choose 'Delegate Control'

  • Click 'Next'

  • Add the itrezzoAgent/BESadmin service account to delegate control on the container and click 'Next'

  • Select 'Delegate the following common tasks' radio button and grant the following privilege:
    • Read all user Information
    • Create, delete, and manage groups
    • Modify the membership of a group

  • Select 'Next' and 'Finish'

Testing the Changes

  1. Log on as BESadmin and go to AD users and computers to create a Distribution Group in the container you just set the permissions on.
  2. Enable the distribution group you have created
  3. Add a user to the DL.
  4. If you can add the user to the DL then itrezzoAgent can create the BES DLs
  5. Delete the test distribution group.

Configuring itrezzoAgent Administrator

  1. Log on to the itrezzoAgent Administrator
  2. Right-click on 'BES Performance Pack'
  3. Select 'Properties'
  4. Select the 'BES DL' tab
  5. Select 'Maintain distribution list for each BES server'
  6. Use the 'Select button' to point to the chosen container where you want BES DLs to be created
  7. You may use a prefix with the name according to your own naming convention
    • It is important to note that the name will be DL_Name - BES Server Name for the naming convention
  8. Click on the Servers container
  9. Right-click on your server and choose 'Run BPP Now' (or 'Run BPE Now')
  10. Running the BPE task will automatically create new group in AD
    Right click on itrezzoAgent server and Run BPE Now

    Right click on itrezzoAgent server and Run BPE Now

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