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BPP - BES Performance Pack


The BES Performance Pack provides three features that enhance BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration:
  • Statistics
  • Handheld Module Inventory
  • BES Auto DL (Automatic Distribution Group Creation)


The statistics module of the itrezzoAgent BES Performance Pack takes a "Read Only" snapshot of one or more BlackBerry servers on a daily basis and archives the information. It will then tabulate this information and send you an email message at the end of the business day summarizing the following:

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Server names, SRP IPs, Current BES software release level
  • BlackBerry Net handhelds added today, week to date and month to date figures, and user count (by BES)
  • BlackBerry User count (By Exchange server)
  • BlackBerry User count by Protocol (GPRS, CDMA, 1X, iDEN, etc.)
  • BlackBerry User accounts that were deleted but still exist on BES
  • BlackBerry Users with no BlackBerry handheld activity for 21 days or more
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Report on the number of CAL Licenses available/over-subscribed (in a future release)
  • BlackBerry Software Report on the number of users capable of wireless synchronization
  • Automatic Generation of Active Directory Distribution Groups based on BES Membership
  • Report on COD modules installed in your BlackBerry user population

Handheld Module Inventory

Each BlackBerry Handheld periodically reports a list of all COD modules to the BES. This inventory is stored in the BESmgmt Database.

The BPP feature of itrezzoAgent allows you to periodically generate a report that tabulates all occurrences of a certain module.

Distribution of Installed Modules - 8/22/2008

Module Name: com_itrezzo_agent                                 
    v.                  1
    v.                 1
    v.                 1
    v.                 1
    v.                 1
    v.                 3
    v.                 1
    v.                 2
    v.                 4
    v.                  1
    v.                  3
     (no record)              26

Module Name: timezoneotapatcher                                
    v.1.5                      1
    v.2.3                      8
     (no record)              36

A list of installed versions by handheld is attached

A CSV that tabulates occurrences by handheld is also attached

PIN       Name       AppVer     com_agent  tzPatcher   Updated
2425E7CC  AOLTest1   8/22/2008 21:45
24051FA9  AOLTest3    8/22/2008 21:45

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