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The itrezzoAgent stores virtually all configuration information in the service account mailbox that is specified during the installation. Hidden folders and messages are created that are not visible on the Microsoft Outlook Client. During the routine Exchange Server backup, the itrezzoAgent configuration will also be backed up.

The contents of these folders can also be backed up to XML files using the itrezzoAgent Administrator. The itrezzoAgent service also creates nightly backups in the following location where the server is installed:

C:\Program Files\itrezzoAgent\backups\DayOfTheWeek

The types of files backed up are as follows:
  • IAConfig - Primary configuration file; contains server configs, authcode, Alternate Contact Folder definitions etc.
  • IAMCL - Mandatory Contact Lists
  • IAMPL - Mandatory Push Lists
  • IABrowserChannel - Mandatory Browser Channel Configuration
  • IAUser - User Configuration Records
  • IALicense - License Packs

These files can be restored using the itrezzoAgent Administrator. Note that if there is an existing configuration, it will be overwritten when restored.

Creating Reports from Backup Files in Microsoft Excel

If you double click on one of the backup files, the default application to launch will be Internet Explorer. However, if you wish to format, categorize, sort, or clean the data, Microsoft Excel is usually the best alternative. This will just take a few seconds the first time you do it. However, you will want to play with the initial formatting.

Here are the recommended steps to do this:

  1. Open the backup folder for the selected day of the week. Sort by date to get the most recent files at the top.
  2. Locate the specific XML file that you desire.
  3. Copy the desired XML file from the Backup folder to a Desktop that has Microsoft Excel
  4. Run Excel
  5. Choose the 'File' menu, then the 'Open' menu
  6. Select the XML file
  7. When prompted to Open XML, choose 'open as an XML list'
  8. Ignore any warnings
  9. Delete Columns A to Column O -- You do not need these. Display name should now be shown in 'Column A'
  10. Leaving the header row in place, delete approximately the first 35 blank rows.
  11. Choose the 'File' menu and click on the 'Save As' option to save it as a native Excel file.

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