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BlackBerry Mobile Data Service

The BlackBerry Mobile Data Service (MDS) leverages the advanced security that is already used for BlackBerry email transactions to provide secure HTTP access behind the Enterprise firewall.

BlackBerry MDS also has a very fast and reliable mechanism to push data packets to remote handhelds where either the browser or a custom application on the device can be controlled. Two of the most common itrezzo features to leverage MDS Push are described below.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server must first be enabled for MDS Push.

Browser Channel MDS Push

Browser Channels on BlackBerry Ribbon

Browser Channels on BlackBerry Ribbon

Using the Mandatory Browser Channel feature of itrezzoAgent, an administrator can add an icon to the home screen hundreds of handhelds in just seconds. The icon can contain cached data that can be opened at a later time, even if there is no network connectivity. Customers typically push emergency response documentation in this fashion. This feature is enabled by the itrezzoAgent MAME Service. A Push/Pull mechanism is used. BES/MDS is instructed to push a payload that contains the URL of the content to be pushed, as well as icons that appear on the BlackBerry home screen (sometimes called the ribbon) indicating that the channel has been read or is still unread.

Using the itrezzoAgent Administrator, open the EPS container and then the Mandatory Browser Channel Container to configure this feature.

BlackBerry PIN Blast

PIN Blast is a very critical capability and the itrezzoAgent MAME service generates XML files that are delivered to the handheld using an MDS Push/Pull configuration. The handheld must have the itrezzoAgent Personality Engine installed. This J2ME application allows a 'one-to-many' broadcast message that bypasses the BES infrastructure using BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN communications. The itrezzoAgent PIN Blast agent has been tested to handle up to 700 users in one list.

Configuring itrezzoAgent for BlackBerry MDS Push

BES MDS Configuration

BES MDS Configuration

The BES MDS Push is configured in the itrezzoAgent Administrator. A BES SQL connector is defined for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server Database (BESmgmt). Push parameters are also defined on the same tab. Usually, only a single BES server is designated as a push server and a database server name, database name, and authentication information is required. The itrezzoAgent Administrator and server will automatically read the BES MDS settings from the BESmgmt database.

If there are multiple BES databases, a connector can be defined for each database. Ensure that the itrezzoAgent service account has at least read permissions on each database and that there is connectivity on IP Port 1433 and DNS name resolution is working to secondary SQL servers.

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