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A BlackBerry PIN is an eight-character hexadecimal unique identification number assigned to each device at the factory. PINs cannot be exchanged and are locked to each handset device. A BlackBerry handheld can send a message directly to another handheld using the PIN. The BlackBerry SRP Infrastructure is the gateway that allows communications between handhelds on different carriers.

When a PIN message is delivered to the recipient, the sender receives a confirmation of this event. This is sometimes referred to as PIN-to-PIN, or Peer-to-Peer communication. PIN-to-PIN messaging has some similarities to SMS, or Short Message Servicebut has some distinct advantages:

  • Message sizes up to 32k bytes
  • Message delivery time is usually less than 5 seconds.
  • If a handheld is turned off, the BlackBerry infrastructure will deliver queued PIN messages almost immediately after reconnecting to the network. Typically, SMS queued message delivery can be delayed for several hours.
  • A PIN Message has a unique subject and a body.
  • Recipients can be CC'd and BCC'd on PIN Messages.
  • PIN Messages can have hundreds of recipients.
  • There is typically no charge for sending a PIN message since wireless carriers offer unlimited email packages.

In some recent disaster scenarios such as September 11, it is common for cellular infrastructures to become bottle-necked. In other cases, corporate data centers become unavailable. In these situations, BlackBerry PIN Messaging has proven to be a reliable and consistent way to communicate.

One of the benefits of itrezzoAgent EPS is that it can automatically maintain the BlackBerry PIN in the address books for many thousands of BlackBerry handheld users. Without this benefit, users must proactively update their own address book or risk not having this important contact information when a critical event occurs.

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