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How to Use - Desktop Toolbar for Outlook Contacts

itrezzo Desktop Toolbar is the quickest and easiest way to grasp contacts out of thousands Outlook addresses. With itrezzo Desktop Toolbar, it requires only few seconds to find contact’s name, phone, photo, and all other information even when Outlook is not running in the background. This article represents different scenarios and explains how to use this amazing itrezzo feature

Looking Up an Address

The Toolbar provides quick search through contact data.
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Type search string in filter box on the main form
  3. Address Book opens to display all matching contacts; the filter keywords are highlighted in red on the grid for those fields that are visible

If Address Book is already opened, it will appear in front of all other windows.

Adding Columns to the Address Book

To add columns to the Address Book, follow the next steps:
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Open Address Book
  3. Press 'Show Columns' button
  4. Columns already in the Address Book are checked
  5. Find the columns you want to add from the list
  6. Check them and press the 'OK' button

Adding Columns to View in Show Columns Dialog

A full list of columns is shown in the ContactFields.xml. The user can add fields to the list of columns presented in the Show Columns dialog:
  1. Open folder where Toolbar is installed
  2. Right-click on the Contact fields.xml
  3. From the drop-down, menu choose 'Edit'
  4. Find the field you want to add
  5. Type 'default=true' between the field name and type= "s:string"
  6. Save and Close ContactFields.xml
  7. Address Book reloads and added columns will be presented in Show Columns dialog

If the user wants to remove fields from the list of columns presented in the Show Columns dialog, just repeat all the steps and at the Step 5, delete 'default=true' value

Adding Multiple Profiles

Toolbar can display all contacts of several active profiles at the same time. To choose a profile:
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Open Address Book
  3. Hit the Profiles button
  4. Pop-up window appears with checklist of existing profiles; profiles in use at the moment will be checked
  5. Check multiple profiles if available and press 'OK'
  6. Address Book reloads, displaying contacts of checked multiple profiles

Copying Outlook Data to the Clipboard

If you would like to copy data to the clipboard:
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Open Address Book
  3. Right-click on the contact
  4. Choose copy item from the drop-down menu and select
  5. Selected contact is copied

Now you are able to paste the copied data.

Sending e-mail to a Contact

There is 'mailto' function in the Desktop Toolbar so the user can send an e-mail to the predefined contact even if Outlook is not launched:
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Go to Address Book
  3. Open the contact's details
  4. Click on the email
  5. Outlook launches
  6. 'New Message' window of Outlook is opened
  7. The contact's e-mail is automatically filled in the "To..." field

Note: Contact's e-mail address must be available in Outlook Address Book

Looking Up a Contact by Last and First Name

The user can quickly find the necessary contact in Address Book
  1. Launch Toolbar
  2. Type some letters of the contact's Last name
  3. Type a comma (,)
  4. Type some letters of the contact's First name
  5. The Address Book appears displaying and highlighting all matching results (if Last name and First name columns are visible)

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