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Desktop Toolbar for Outlook Contacts, TroubleShooting

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Desktop Toolbar for Outlook Contacts - TroubleShooting

The article presents detailed information on how to configure itrezzo Desktop Toolbar and what to do if any error occurs.

1. Log files

Every Desktop component (Toolbar, ClientAgent, Screensaver) has its own log file. These log files are primarily diagnostic history for itrezzo technical support staff. If desired, the amount of logging can be reduced.

Each configuration file (e.g. itrezzo.DesktopToolbar.exe.config has a parameter for “LoggingLevel”. This parameter specifies the detail level written to log files:

  • “1” - only error logs will be written.
  • “2” – All error logs and important information.
  • “3” – All error logs and information about every operation and it result.

By default, all logging is set to a value of "3". Also the MAPIconnector has a log file. This file is placed in the same directory with Desktop component's log files.

1.2 Location of the log file

Each user on the machine where Toolbar is installed has a separate log file.

All log files are located in system disk, inside Application Data folder of current User. The Toolbar and MAPIconnector logs are located at the folder named as current day of the week (first three letters of that day).

For example, on Windows Vista, Toolbar log files are located in C:\Users\Randy\AppData\Roaming\Itrezzo\Desktop\Logs\Thu

2. Toolbar Config File

The itrezzo.DesktopToolbar.exe.config file contains the parameters of itrezzo Desktop Toolbar and provides option to configure Toolbar settings.

Here the list of the parameters and their default value, set in config.ini:

  1. "remotingportnumber" – port which used to connect to ClientAgent service. By default this value is "8989"
  2. "logginglevel” – specifies priority level at which information will be written to log file. By default this value is "3"
  3. "remotinguri" – name of the ClientAgent service page. (eg. “service.rem”). By default this value is "DispatcherRemotableType.rem"
  4. "documentslocation" - path to the shared folder from which documents will be copied. By default this value is "\\\eps docs"
  5. "allowexit – specifies whether toolbar icon context menu will contain “Exit” item. Value "1" will show it and value "0" will hide “Exit” item. By default this value is "1"
  6. "IsStandAlone" – specifies whether toolbar works in standalone mode (no ClientAgent service and Screensaver are installed). If this parameter is set to “1”, toolbar won’t try connect to service and functionality for emergency documents will be disabled. By default value is "1"
  7. "synchdelay" – specifies the delay which be used for Scheduled address book synchronization. By default this value is "60"
  8. "useslide" – determines whether toolbar hiding and restoring will be animated. By default this value is "1"
  9. "eventlogsourcename” – name of the Event Log source which will be used for writing log records to Application logs. By default this value is "Toolbar"
  10. "eventlogsourcetype" – type of the Event Log sources. By default this value is "Itrezzo"
  11. "logfilename" – name of the log file which will be used to write all log records. By default this value is "Toolbar.log"
  12. "debuglogsmailto" – specifies the address which will be used for sending log files. By default this value is "[email protected]"
  13. “showgcwresults” – specifies whether the “View GCW Contacts” button will be accessible. By default this value is "0"
  14. “chunkSize” – specifies the number of contacts which will be fetched using MAPI component from mail account at one iteration. By default this value is "800"
  15. “encryptContacts” – specifies whether the contacts cache file be saved in encrypted format. By default this value is "1"
  16. “asynchUpdatingGridType” – specifies the method how the Address Book grid will be updated during synchronization. By default this value is "2". Possible values:
    • = Not Update (grid won’t be updated while synchronization not finished)
    • = Update for added and deleted items (grid won’t be cleared, only new data appeared and deleted items removed)
    • = Clear grid and reload all the data (full re-filling grid).
  17. “retryGettingContactsTimeOut” – specifies the timeout for retrying to get contacts after an unsuccessful address book refreshing. By default this value is "2"
  18. "startWithSplashScreen" - specifies whether toolbar will start with the splash screen. By default this value is "1"
  19. “itrezzo_DesktopToolbar_UserRegistrationService_UserRegistrationService” – Specifies the location of itrezzo User Registration web service. This address will be used to send the User Registration info. By default this value is ""
  20. “itrezzo_DesktopToolbar_GCWDataService_GCWDataService” – Specifies the location of the itrezzo GCW web service. By default this value is ""

3. ContactFields.xml

Users can edit list of columns, which are present in the Show columns dialog.

Both ContactFields.xml and Toolbar.exe files are located in the installation directory. ContactFields.xml contains full list of columns with their availability status. There are three types of columns' availability:

  1. required fields
  2. default fields
  3. other available fields

Required fields are always included.

Default fields are always included in the query if no field list is submitted, but none of them have to be included in a submitted field list. Other available fields are only included in the query when those are submitted in the field list.

Field row has next format:

User can add or remove columns to view in the Show columns dialog by typing\erasing default="true".

4. DetailsLayout.xml

5. MAPI Connector

5.1 MAPIConnector errors reporting

Address book refreshing can occassionaly encounter some problems with retrieving contacts.

If refreshing was unsuccessful, the log file will contain extended error report. For an example:

11/12/2008 5:07:22 PM; Thread Name : SynchronizePIM: Message= XmlHelper.SynchronizaAsync - mapiConnector Session has not been initialized. Synchronization Canceled.

Error: Network problems are preventing connection to Microsoft Exchange. Your network adapter does not have a default gateway.

Component: Microsoft Exchange Information Store.

Error Code - 520

If an error appears, the user can see the full error message by hovering the mouse over the Reload State frame on the Address Book dialog box.

This message will not appear after the Address book incremental update was unsuccessful.

If synchronization is unsuccessful, the toolbar will try to get the contacts again in 2 minutes. The Retry timeout can be altered by changing "retryGettingContactsTimeOut" parameter in itrezzo.DesktopToolbar.exe.config file.

MAPIconnector error tooltip

MAPIconnector error tooltip

6. Location of contact cache

For quick access to the data all contacts data are being cached.

The cache file is named as PIMcontacts.dat. It's placed in the same directory with "Logs" folder at the AppData.

7. Sending logs to itrezzo

If a user encounters any error with toolbar, user has the ability to send Desktop Toolbar logs to itrezzo. itrezzo will inspect the logs, scrutinize the cause of error and release a fix for it.

Toolbar About box has a link “Send debug logs to itrezzo” for this purpose. By clicking on this link, a “New Mail Message” window of Outlook will be opened. All existing log files(toolbar.log, service.log, screensaver.log, connector.log) will be automatically attached to this e-mail. In this e-mail, the itrezzo e-mail address will be at the "To..." field and Subject will contain the version of the product and the Computer Name so that itrezzo can identify specific logs.

The E-mail address of itrezzo can be edited in the itrezzo.DesktopToolbar.exe.config using parameter “debuglogsmailto”.

After sending logs to itrezzo, the Toolbar.log file will be cleared, and a new log will be started with "Debug Logs Sent" with the sent date and time, the following information will be also presented:

  • Version number
  • Computer Name
  • User Name
  • Operation System
  • Toolbar location
  • IP Addresses
  • Log location

For example

1/19/2009 1:20:13 PM:Main thread : Debug Logs Sent

1/19/2009 1:20:13 PM:Main thread :

Toolbar started...

Version -

Computer Name - DKO

User Name - DKO machine\admin

Operation System - Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0

Toolbar location - C:\Program Files\itrezzo\Desktop

IP Addresses -



Log location - C:\Users\dko\AppData\Roaming\Itrezzo\Desktop\Logs\Mon\Toolbar.log

This header will be created in logs after every Toolbar launch. 
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