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EPS - Enterprise PIM Synchronization

itrezzoAgent EPS

The itrezzoAgent EPS software provides Mission Critical Contact Management for wireless handheld users. While BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, Microsoft Active Sync, Goodlink, and Intellisync provide a method to mirror a user's Outlook Address Book with PDA address book, itrezzoAgent EPS enhances the content within the address book. For example, EPS reads multiple data sources and merges contacts from:

After contacts are merged from these data sources, collected contacts data is used to update and push new contacts information to hundreds or thousands of Exchange Mailboxes. These contacts can be placed in the main contacts folder or separated into a contact sub-folder. An Exchange Public Folder can also be configured as the target of a Mandatory Contact List.

This can all be done from a central server without installing any software on desktops or handhelds throughout the organization.

A Common Wireless Challenge

A Private Equity Firm in New York City realized that their 500 BlackBerry users could rarely afford the time to maintain their individual address books. The company maintained an Exchange Public folder with all 700 company employees. This folder was meticulously maintained with detailed employee contact information, having 700 contacts which included critical information such as:

  • Home Phone Number
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Second Mobile Phone Number
  • BlackBerry PIN and phone number
  • Nextel/IDEN Direct Connect (DCID)
  • Fax Number
  • Title
  • Office Location

The company also maintained a CRM database which was vital to generating new business. The CRM database had 25,000 contacts in many different categories.

Executives and deal-makers at the firm often worked 24/7 to close deals worth hundreds of million dollars. A frequent and stressful obstacle was trying to reach key resources of that firm based on accurate and detailed information. The company was seeking an easy solution to their problem which would provide them with quick and accurate information and with minimal impact on their staff and employees.

Mission Critical Contact Management

An ideal solution to this problem is itrezzoAgent EPS software which was released in April 2003.

Itrezzo EPS automatically merges all BlackBerry handheld information from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server as well as the employee public folder. Itrezzo EPS then pushes that information to all 500 BlackBerry handhelds each night.

Subsequent benefits:

  • If a phone number changes, all BlackBerry Address Books are automatically updated.
  • If an employee joins the company, all wireless users immediately get the contact details for the new staff member added to their address book.
  • If an employee leaves the firm, that obsolete contact is removed from all handhelds.
  • When a new client is added to the firm's CRM database, all relevant account managers and executives automatically receive that contact information in both Outlook and their wireless handhelds.
  • It is not necessary to touch any handheld or install any software on the client. The content is easily pushed out by the itrezzo Administrator from a central server.

The itrezzoAgent EPS software can merge data from multiple data sources such as:

  • Exchange Public Folders
  • A contact folder within a user's mailbox
  • A SQL database
  • An Excel spreadsheet
  • A CRM Database

Once the data is merged, business rules set by the administrator will add or update contact information across all wireless handhelds. Some examples of business rules are:

  • All members of the Disaster Recovery Team receive the complete contact details of all members of their Team and can respond quickly in an emergency.
  • All Tier-3 Help Desk staff receive the contact information of all senior executives.
  • All salespeople receive the customer information of all their assigned managed accounts in the CRM database.
  • All BlackBerry users get the GAL (Global Address List) pushed to their handhelds on a regular basis, ensuring that their contacts are updated and accurate without the need to perform multiple address look-ups.

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