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How to Run EPS on Demand

By default, itrezzoAgent EPS runs once a day, but it can also be run on demand as necessary. Other tasks such as BPE, EPS, SSU, and MCC can also be run any time you may need to based on demand. This Wiki specifically explains how to RUN EPS on demand.

Running Contact Updates on Demand

Normally, the itrezzoAgent EPS task will run on a daily schedule to update Outlook contacts, push sticky notes, and also send updated BlackBerry PIN and text blast lists to wireless handhelds. If you have made changes to public contact folders, SQL contact databases, Active Directory, Distribution Groups, or any other contact data source, you may want to force EPS to run immediately.

How to Run EPS on Demand

You can run on demand for all mailboxes, or you can change default settings and run for a select group of mailboxes.

Running EPS with no special settings

  • Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  • In the Navigation bar, click on the Servers container and select any EPS-enabled itrezzoAgent server in the right pane.
  • Right-click on the selected itrezzoAgent server and choose 'Run EPS now' from the actions menu.

    Right click on itrezzoAgent server; Select Run EPS now

    Right click on itrezzoAgent server; Select Run EPS now

  • The EPS-On Demand window will appear.

    EPS-On Demand window

    EPS-On Demand window

  • If you have no special settings and wish to perform a full EPS run for all users, push the 'Run Now' button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Running EPS with Special Settings

If you have a desire to use special settings for this EPS run, you can select specific mailboxes, or override other settings as follows:

Select and toggle the checkbox 'Use special settings for this EPS run' to choose customized settings for the EPS run.

Select customize setting for EPS-On Demand Run

Select customize setting for EPS-On Demand Run

  1. EPS reads all data sources and constructs in memory record sets of all data sources and Mandatory Contact lists. This EPS process can take anywhere from one minute to an hour. This in-memory information is flushed to XML files and stored in the reference folder. If you are in a hurry and don’t need to re-read all of the data sources, you can save a lot of time by just loading the reference files directly into memory by using checkbox #1
  2. Obsolete Mandatory contacts are removed by default (someone was removed from a distribution group, or a public folder contact was deleted, for example). The default action is specified in the EPS properties. You can override the default by using this checkbox.
  3. This checkbox dictates whether you force it to remove contacts, or force it not to remove obsolete contacts.
  4. This checkbox dictates whether or not automated contact updates are sent to users based on the global setting
  5. Change the setting for the EPS run to force or prevent the update messages from being sent

    Select customize setting for EPS-On Demand Run

    Select customize setting for EPS-On Demand Run

  6. Select this option to perform a full update. Click on the 'Advanced' button to choose the option 'Merge duplicate email addresses on target contacts'. This option can be selected only when the full update mode is chosen
  7. Check this box to run EPS on Demand for some particular mailbox
  8. Next, select 'Send summary report' to send EPS summary report
  9. This option runs EPS as test mode and no updates on user contacts will be performed if this option is checked
  10. This option allows select IA admin(s) to be notified
  11. If running EPS on selective user(s) mailbox(es), and if this option is selected, user(s) will be notified
  12. Finally, this checkbox will enable exporting (InterOrg) contact sets immediately without waiting

Select different options as per your organization's requirements and click on 'Run Now' to start running EPS-On Demand. Based on the total number of mailboxes and servers, this process may take one minute to an hour.

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  • If you would like to run any itrezzo solutions trial or if you need further support, see how to contact the itrezzo techical support team.

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