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Global Address List (GAL)

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Global Address List (GAL)

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Microsoft Exchange Global Address List, also known as GAL, is a directory service within the Microsoft Exchange Email system. The GAL contains information about all email contacts, public folders, distribution groups, and other available resources(e.g rooms).

When any modifications are made to any Exchange objects such as mailboxes and distribution groups, it may take up to 24 hours before these modifications are reflected in the Global Address List. With Exchange 2007/2010, updating GAL is only possible using Microsoft Exchange Management Shell (EMS) as there is no option to update GAL from Exchange Management Console(EMC).

  • To create a new GAL from EMS, run:

New-GlobalAddressList -Name "New GAL" -IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers -ConditionalDepartment Sales

This will create a new global address list "New GAL" including Sales department users.

  • To manually update a global address list (GAL) from EMS, run:

Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity <GlobalAddressListIdParameter> -DomainController

Note: Updating may take up to several hours depending on total users or size of the organization.

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