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How to Purge Contacts From Specific Folders

The EnforcedFolderPurge capability can be used to move all contacts from specified sub-folder(s) to the user's Deleted Items. It would normally run once, during a single EPS run. All contacts from specified folder(s) will be purged but those contact folders will remain. These folders can be removed using EnforcedFolderDelete. If selective contacts deletion from folder(s) is required EnforcedContactDelete option can be used instead.

How to configure EnforcedFolderPurge

Confirm the following steps to implement EnforcedFolderPurge successfully:

  • Take note of the exact name of available folder(s) from which you would like to delete all contacts.
  • Go to the itrezzoAgent Server installed folder (by default itrezzoAgent is installed into C:\Program Files\itrezzoAgent folder in 32-bit Windows or into C:\Program Files(x86)\itrezzoAgent] folder in 64-bit Windows).
  • Inside itrezzoAgent folder, create a text file and name it as EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt

    Creating EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt

    Creating EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt

  • Open the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file and populate folders' names; single folder's name per line, and save it.

    Add folders' name into the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file

    Add folders' name into the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file

    Above config will purge all contacts in testcontacts-ACME and testcontacts-HiSales

    Above config will purge all contacts in testcontacts-ACME and testcontacts-HiSales

  • Initiate the EPS Run to make the change effective immediately.

To initiate EPS Run

  • Open the servers container located at the bottom of the navigation pane of itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  • In the contents pane, select designated server for EPS Run
    Select the designated server, right click and choose Run EPS Now

    Select the designated server, right click and choose Run EPS Now

  • Right click on the server name.
  • From the drop down menu, click on Run EPS Now.
  • When the EPS - On Demand dialog appears, select the desired settings and choose Run Now.
  • All contacts within the contact folder(s) specified in EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file will be moved to the Deleted Items.
  • If you want to remove the empty contact folder(s), rename the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt to EnforcedFolderDeleteList.txt which will invoke itrezzoAgent EnforcedFolderDelete feature during the next EPS Run and remove the empty contact folder(s).
  • After the EPS Task is completed, examine a sample of mailboxes to ensure that contacts have been purged.

Note: Do not forget to rename the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file to anything else. Otherwise any added contacts within the specified folders will be moved to Deleted items during the subsequent EPS run.

When an EPS task runs and updates a mailbox, itrezzoAgent Server examine the EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt file and purges contacts from users contact folders. If there are multiple itrezzoAgent Servers, the file needs to be placed on each server.

***This feature is available in itrezzoAgent Server release version 4.2.2 and above***

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