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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 3.7.X

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 3.6.X

Version: 3.6.37

[Release date: 2009-02-13]

  • Modify EPS task to skip creation and push of PIN DLs when using satellite mailbox.

Version: 3.6.36

[Release date: 2009-02-10]

  • Added option to have EPS create local session using satellite mailbox, which will increase performance for remote servers.
  • Enhanced performance of target list expansion for Mandatory Browser Channels.

  • Fixed display issue in EPS > User Statistics container which caused a disabled user to appear enabled if the status was “Logon Failed”.

Version: 3.6.34

[Release date: 2009-01-27]

  • Added function to enforce deletion of any contact in the Mandatory Contacts folder that has an email address that appears in EnfordedDeleteList.txt. If that file exists in the application directory and contains any valid SMTP or X500 addresses then the procedure will run. A total count of deletions appears in the EPS summary report, and a breakdown of the counts per mailbox is attached in CSV format.
  • Eliminated unneeded contact backups during a Full update.
  • Added logic to prevent corruption and cross-linking of the EPS dataset by an AD record that has an X400 address incorrectly labeled as X500.

Language Pack
  • Added two phrases related to reporting on Enforced Deletion.

Version: 3.6.32

[Release date: 2009-01-15]

  • Fixed bug that assigned an incorrect FileAs value in the EPS recordset to a contact with no values for any name field.
  • Added alternate method to retrieve public folder store ID.
  • Corrected layout of census report to handle longer module names.

  • Added UI to allow or prevent notifying end user about contact changes that are purely cosmetic, such as formatting of the display name.
  • The process that adds contacts to the MCR now only writes a single e-mail address to each record.
  • Fixed problem that was interfering with address selection on some dialogs.

  • Corrected time zone translation issue.

Version: 3.6.29

[Release date: 2008-11-25]

  • Modified the contact merge procedure to avoid copying over an SMTP address that matches the display name of an existing X500-style EX address (and vice versa), preventing the addition of an effectively duplicate email address.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the optional Merge Email Duplicates procedure from running if the data fields control option was enabled for EPS.
  • Eliminate the check for a valid MDS server if there are no active Mandatory Browser Channels.
  • Recognize new option to suppress alerts about a missing MDS server.

  • Added menu option to Mandatory Browser Channels node to suppress alerts if there is no MDS server available.

Version: 3.6.28

[Release date: 2008-11-23]

  • Added logic to merge data if the agent finds duplicates in the user’s mandatory contacts folder. In that situation only one contact is preserved and updated; data from other copies is attached to the backup message. If the backed up contact has data in a field that is null in the EPS dataset then that information is transferred to the remaining mandatory contact.
  • The text of the default message sent to users following an update has been revised.

Version: 3.6.26

[Release date: 2008-11-18]

  • Modified session creation and maintenance methods to handle changes in recent MAPI implementations.
  • Fixed bug in procedure that moves mandatory contacts from main folder to designated folder that could fail to identify matches.

  • Made all aspects of UI accessible by using keyboard only, without requiring a mouse.
  • Modified mailbox logon procedure to handle changes in recent MAPI implementations.

Version: 3.6.20

[Release date: 2008-09-24]

  • Fixed regression bug that prevented the MBL task from automatically deleting a browser channel from a device that had ceased to be a member of the target list.
  • Reduced the chance that a warning about the MAME icon service will be issued due to a transitory network or server event.
  • Added optional procedure to export contacts.
  • Eliminated some transient properties from the configuration backup to avoid producing misleading results on restore.
  • Fixed issue that could cause web requests to timeout prematurely.
  • Resolved issue with backup of multi-valued fields that was assigning null data type to array members.

  • Upgraded component to handle some session issues related to Exchange 2007 redistributable of MAPI subsystem.
  • Corrected evaluation of an ACF record that could cause assignment of the wrong icon and incorrectly enable or disable the context menu option to create a linked MCL.
  • Eliminated restore of some transient configuration properties to avoid producing misleading results.
  • Enabled deletion via the context menu of an inactive server.
  • Fixed problem with folder picker dialog that was preventing display of Public Folder tree with some MAPI implementations.

Version: 3.6.18

[Release date: 2008-09-07]

  • EPS will now identify and automatically correct the source or target of an MCL for which the “mail” attribute of the AD record does not appear in the list of proxy addresses. These “mail” values don’t resolve as EX-type addresses and EPS previously skipped them.
  • The WriteODN flag now works correctly for custom contacts and similar mail-enabled objects.
  • When automatic backups are enabled they are now always performed at the scheduled time. Previously the backup was skipped if another task was in process when it was time to start. Also, the scheduled time now automatically adjusts for daylight savings time; previously it did not recognize the start or end of DST and would shift an hour at the change.
  • User backups now include the creation and last modified times for each record.
  • Eliminated logic path that could corrupt user info records if EPS is unable to perform AD lookups.
  • Fixed problem with RDO session when agent logs on using static profile.
  • EPS now sends a PINDL notification to every eligible device whether or not the packet content has changed since the last run.
  • Added method that allows EPS to use a static profile when accessing a user mailbox.
  • Log now reports current GC associated with active profile as part of diagnostics header in each log file.
  • Fixed regression bug introduced in 3.6.06 that prevented mandatory contact updates from being committed unless data field control was enabled.
  • The agent now recognizes a license that has been imported automatically without requiring a restart.
  • Corrected time zone translation issue that could cause EPS to skip updating a user mailbox because it incorrectly evaluated it as already handled during the current run.
  • Eliminated superfluous access checks (pings) to Exchange servers where access had already been tested.
  • Reference to a non-functional confirmation link for inactive handhelds has been eliminated from the BPP report.

  • The menu option to stop or restart the service will now kill the target agent process if it doesn’t shutdown by itself within two progress bar cycles.
  • Double-clicking the MAME URL (on the PIN Distribution List property page or Configure MAME… dialog) now launches the MAME home page, which runs and reports on a series of diagnostic actions.
  • The estimated source and target counts for a Mandatory Contact List now get recalculated when you open the MCL property page and click OK.
  • When a property change to an MCL is changed just the corresponding row is now updated; previously the entire grid was reloaded..
  • User overrides are now preserved when restoring a user backup (IAUser m-d-yy.xml).
  • When registry value has been set for EPS to use static profiles when logging on user mailboxes, the admin will now create those profiles when the Run EPS Now options is used.

  • The application now runs on reports on a series of diagnostic actions from the home page.

Version: 3.6.11

[Release date: 2008-08-07]

  • Improved AD lookups.
  • Added logic to handle case of an AD entry with inconsistent email attributes (where the “mail” value is different from the primary SMTP address and also does not appear in the list of proxy addresses.
  • Include the name of the global catalog server used by the active profile in the diagnostics information.
  • Improved the algorithm used to identify and retrieve content from child links of a browser channel document.
  • Corrected date translation between local and universal time that was skewed in some formats.
  • Fixed error in the procedure that moves mandatory contacts to or from the sub-folder that prevented it from recognizing and ignoring custom contacts.
  • Revised collection process of BPP stats for records that do not appear in AD to detect and eliminate stale-dated entries.
  • Fixed bug in Manage Custom Contacts procedure that did an incorrect parameter replacement for some targets of a list, and only pushed updates from one list even if a user was the target of multiple lists.

  • Corrected display issue for Mandatory Contact Lists that could use the wrong icon for a list in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug in view of SSU container that could display the incorrect name for a row.
  • The address book selection dialog now displays an alert for any selected entry where the email attributes are inconsistent (where “mail” is not the primary SMTP address and does not appear in “proxyAddresses”.)
  • Added information about current identity to the alert that appears when there is a problem logging onto the agent mailbox.
  • Corrected a string parsing error in the procedure that tests the query string for a Custom Contact List which could misidentify the input parameter.

  • Resolved problem during automatic upgrade of the SSU component which could cause the \bin directory to either be missing or not have all of its files.

Version: 3.6.06

[Release date: 2008-07-03]

  • Provided the option to clear a field if the source data is blank or null, removing the requirement for the source text to equal “”. The option appears as a checkbox on the Fields grid dialog in EPS Properties > Data tab > Fields…
  • Added a Report Only mode in which EPS performs and reports on all its operations but does not actually commit any changes to users’ contacts.
  • Fixed bug that could block updates to the Home Phone field if it was marked Private even for those who were explicitly granted access.
  • Corrected issue that could return no data for BPP report in some time zones if the report generation time falls within a certain range.
  • Include count of handhelds using UMTS protocol in BPP report stats.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent a browser channel from being pushed if content caching is enabled but the content fetch fails.
  • Improved difference detection logic when accelerated incremental update is enabled.

  • Added the ability to specify a Push Initiator identity if required by the MDS server security configuration. The UI appears on the BES Connector properties dialog.
  • Corrected error that did not display a manually entered MDS server when the BES connector was reopened, even though the value was saved. Also added a button that tries to open the MDS server home page to check the configuration.
  • Provided UI to launch EPS in Report Only mode, and to set recipients for update notifications while in that mode.
  • Modified proxy configuration dialog, and expanded flexibility of content fetch to handle broader range of authentication scenarios.
  • Expanded browser channel content fetch to be able to read in an html page from a UNC path.

  • Now detects when the logging level has changed.

Version: 3.6.02

[Release date: 2008-06-17]

  • Mandatory Browser Channels can now be configured to push content directly to device cache. HTML content and images can be retrieved from main page, child links within that page, and links within child pages up to 5 levels deep.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Mandatory Note to get updated repeatedly.
  • Added “Spouse” to the list of fields that can be administered by EPS.
  • Fixed limitation on expansion of query-based distribution lists that only returned first 1000 members.

  • Modified browser channel dialog with additional settings for pushing content to device cache. Settings take effect whether push is on demand or on schedule.
  • Greater detail on results of last push is now available from Details button on browser channel dialog.
  • Provided menu option to configure proxy settings used by agent and admin.
  • Added options to data source edit dialog for handling additional connection types such as Excel spreadsheets, Access or Oracle databases and text files.
  • Grid displaying “Test” results of data query now includes all rows and all available fields. Updated all grid controls for better performance and stability.
  • Added option to exclude data import from AD when adding new records to Master Contact Repository.
  • Fixed calculation of estimated source count and list refresh for new or modified MCL.
  • Fixed bug that could interfere with adding a new SQL connector.

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