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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.0.X

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 3.7.X

Version: 3.7.34

[Release date: 2010-11-27]

  • Improve precision and eliminate dupes when merging CCL contacts into folders that are managed by EPS tasks
  • Fix bug in determining when to force generation of an Export set

  • Fixed problem with display of some zipped and encrypted Export sets

Version: 3.7.29

[Release date: 2010-11-09]

  • Resolved issues during restore related to user records and location of Mandatory Contacts folder.

Version: 3.7.28

[Release date: 2010-11-01]

  • Write list name as category when managing CCL contacts
  • Added IM Address and Contact Photo to list of properties managed by EPS and Mandatory Contact List processes
  • At startup the agent now sends an alert if one or more default folders are inaccessible because the agent has been restored to a new mailbox

  • Added IM Address and Contact Photo to the list of possible private fields, and to the EPS data fields’ grid.

Version: 3.7.26

[Release date: 2010-07-02]

  • Fixes to support Exchange 2010 and separate CAS server

Version: 3.7.24

[Release date: 2010-07-02]

  • Implement correction and resolution of relic folder paths issues when restoring to a new mailbox

Version: 3.7.23

[Release date: 2010-06-24]

  • Added UI to manage Telephone Broadcast Lists

Version: 3.7.17

[Release date: 2010-05-18]

  • Implemented EPS Inter Org Connector (contact export and import)
  • Added alternative method to retrieve user Contacts folder for EPS target

  • Added UI for EPS Inter Org Connector import and export.
  • Presort names when displaying aggregated list of Source or Target address entries

Version: 3.7.16

[Release date: 2010-04-19]

  • Fix bug that left out information on dupes in the BPE report message
  • Implemented automatic backup of CCL configuration
  • Resolved issue that could fail to include some MCL data for records with no SMTP address

Version: 3.7.15

[Release date: 2010-03-15]

  • Fixed regression error in BPP summary report
  • Added persistent ID to MCL objects
  • Reworked format and creation trigger of PINDL packets

Version: 3.7.14

[Release date: 2010-02-12]

  • Updated Merge option for Custom Contact Lists to allow it to merge with MCL records from the same database query which don’t have any email address. In that scenario the Custom Contact List will attempt a match on the UniqueID of the database record, so both queries must use the same value for that field.
  • The Mandatory Browser List task will no longer be launched immediately after starting the service; the launch will now be delayed for at least one hour.

Version: 3.7.13

[Release date: 2009-11-22]

  • Improved Remove Obsolete circuit breaker: there’s an additional verification step if EPS encounters a DL that returns no members during expansion of target or source DL for contacts or notes. VerifyDlMemberCount does an LDAP lookup on the same DL – if the AD group doesn’t return 0 members then obsolete contact/note removal is disabled for the current run. Also when the agent saves the reference data it adds a tag named “remove_obsolete” with a single attribute named “invalid” to TargetMCL.xml and TargetNotes.xml. If the “invalid” = “-1” then obsolete contact/note removal will be disabled if the agent uses that file as reference data in a later run (“invalid” = “0” means the data is OK for removing obsolete contacts, but it doesn’t enable the operation function; that is still controlled by the EPS properties page and the Run Now dialog.
  • Added “FileAsFlag” as a property that can be read in from an ACDS. If an ACDS query has a non-standard “FileAs” value which should function as the most trusted source then the query should set FileAsFlag = -1 (i.e. 'Non-Standard Value' + ' (' + [Last_Name|Last_Name] + ' ' + [First_Name|First_Name] + ')' as FileAs, -1 as FileAsFlag). Otherwise the query will not set the value of FileAsFlag in which case it may be overwritten with the default value during a merge with other EPS data.

  • Modified to include FileAsFlag (if supplied) in grid when testing database queries.

Version: 3.7.12

[Release date: 2009-11-09]

  • Added logic to allow the option for a Custom Contact List to identify existing contacts in a folder based on email matches, and merge its data in the fields where it has values. Note that the CCL is treated as the most trusted source so it will always overwrite existing data for any field where the CCL has a value, but the CCL will not replace an existing value with a null.

  • Added dropdown to Custom Contact List properties dialog with option to merge data.

Version: 3.7.11

[Release date: 2009-10-22]

  • Changed SSU logic to have the user’s link remains valid for multiple update requests.
  • Fixed bug in request generation logic that caused the procedure to exit before sending requests to all eligible users.
  • Updated the logic that reads the request template and improved the logging.

Version: 3.7.10

[Release date: 2009-10-16]

  • Corrected a calculation used in the BPP report.

Version: 3.7.08

[Release date: 2009-10-02]

  • Modified the query used to identify hidden recipients to prevent an incorrect result due to an unusual condition in AD.

Version: 3.7.07

[Release date: 2009-09-01]

  • A main server now caches the data for Mandatory Notes and makes that information available to satellite servers.
  • Corrected an error that could appear in the calculation of the Unknown total for BPP protocol distribution.
  • Modified the internal test for MAME issues to eliminate some false positives.

Version: 3.7.06

[Release date: 2009-07-23]

  • Custom Contact List process now tracks when a mailbox has been removed from a target list and clears the CCL contacts from that mailbox.

  • Fixed bug in update procedures for Personality Agents

Version: 3.7.05

[Release date: 2009-04-22]

  • Can now use the itrezzo connector as an Alternate Contact Data Source, Mandatory Contact List or Custom Contact List.
  • BPE will now notify the admin if it finds conflicting records for the same PIN in different BES databases.
  • BPE now captures BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) email addresses from the BES. A BIS address ending in will be written to the CMIME-BIS1 field in the itrezzoAgent handheld inventory record; any other BIS addresses will be concatenated in the CMIME-BIS2 field.
  • If EPS is configured to “Push out secondary SMTP addresses…” it will preferentially use the CMIME-BIS1 address for that value if it exists.

  • Added UI to handle using itrezzo connector as a data source.
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving a change to the interval for the MCC task.
  • Modified procedure for selecting targets from the address book to resolve issue on some systems where existing selections are not included.

  • Resolved a bug that could prevent the watchdog from restarting the agent if the process had to be killed.

Version: 3.7.04

[Release date: 2009-03-11]

  • Fix regression bug in assembly of EPS targets when there are multiple license packs and multiple Exchange servers.
  • Changed BPP report to use 30 days as the cut-off for “No Activity” status.

Version: 3.7.03

[Release date: 2009-03-06]

  • Added procedure to purge outdated backup contacts from folder before adding attachments to EPS backup messages.

Version: 3.7.02

[Release date: 2009-03-03]

  • Added mechanism to allow satellite mailbox to retrieve reference data from main server.
  • Modified procedure that rolls the summary report forward.

Version: 3.7.01

[Release date: 2009-02-24]

  • Modified lookup procedures when using satellite mailbox.
  • Reverted change to procedure that identifies push targets for Mandatory Browser Channels.

Version: 3.7.0

[Release date: 2009-02-20]

  • Improve performance when assembling list of EPS targets and reading in contact data from public folders. The improvement is most noticeable when using satellite mailbox.

  • Fixed selection dialog for satellite mailbox so that it always returns a single result.

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 3.6.X

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