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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.4.X

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 4.3.X

Version: 4.3.9

[Release date: 2012-03-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • CCL process can now be configured so it will not delete a dedicated subfolder when a user is no longer a target of the list
  • Corrected CCL so it does not write EmailXAddressType property when EmailXAddress is blank, even if source data contains a value for type
  • Fixed regression bug that was preventing BPE from reading BES DB
  • is now created before updating any mailboxes
  • Implemented fallback method for retrieving user's Exchange Home Server
  • EPS now always records the count of items in the main Contacts folder, even if the option to only manage contacts in subfolders is active
  • Fixed bug in implementing Exchange Home Server filtering for CCL process
  • After updating a user's contacts EPS now records the date when the data used for that update was collected

  • Added checkbox on CCL Targets tab to indicate whether or not the custom subfolder should be deleted for users who cease to be targets of the list
  • Added Reference Age column to EPS User Statistics, which displays difference (in minutes) between the time that EPS updated the mailbox and when the reference data was collected
  • Fixed bug in property dialog for BES SQL Connector that blocked saving change to authentication type

Version: 4.3.8

[Release date: 2012-03-09]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Added support for alternate SQL Servers for BES (supplied as semi-colon delimited string in designated field on BES Connector dialog in Win32 Admin)
  • Added support for multiple CAS servers (multiple CAS should be semi-colon delimited string in registry value)
  • Default to logging on via CAS if value is specified (applies to EPS and MCC processes for satellite and user mailboxes)
  • Fixed bug in EPS backup that could loop and fill folder
  • If itrezzo server is designated as satellite mailbox then
    • skip startup diagnostics on PF data sources
    • skip initialization of Asset Mgmt class (handhelds folder)
    • skip initialiazation of SSU class
    • skip initialization of File Transfer class
    • Abort EPS run and notify admin if unable to load reference files or create remote session
  • Clear relic messages from Handhelds folder for any BES DB that has been successfully read that has no current record for that SMTP address
  • CCL process now follows EPS rules about which Microsoft Exchange Home Servers are assigned to current agent
  • EPS now always records the name and version of the last itrezzo server to touch an Exchange user mailbox, whether or not the logon or update completed successfully

  • Added UI to BES Connector dialog for entering backup/alternate SQL Servers
  • In EPS User Statistics container:
    • Sorts by task initiation (descending)
    • Elapsed time is displayed as either a positive number or zero
    • Column for total user contacts is no longer shown

Version: 4.3.7

[Release date: 2012-02-21]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed a bug with SSU service change
  • Modified SSU service so that it will write custom properties as SYSTIME if the submitted value is formatted as an ISO-8601 date
  • EPS will now properly resolve physical location of a mailbox for Exchange 2010 mirrored databases so that geographic filters are once again properly resolved

itrezzo SSU Administration
  • Added option to select multiple rows from the user Grid
  • Set selfupdate to use only iACW COM+ object

itrezzo Employee Contact Portal
  • Improved sorting option for portal search results
  • Added Tooltips for Grid search option
  • Added option to view user details from the search GridView
  • Improved style for tooltips
  • Following UI enhancement was added:
    • Added option to collapse or expand search Grid results by clicking +/- column
    • Created new GridView style
    • Created style for toggle button for swapping GridView and listview
    • Added mailto link for employee's e-mail address
    • Added Exporting list to csv, xml, html, and word files
    • Changed layout of the main portal page
    • Modified link for company logo so that clicking on it will take back to GridView search page
  • Added styled 'Clear search ' button
  • Fixed an issue with fetching Active Directory users
  • Fixed an issue with removal of Departments that was deleted from ECO Admin -SSU users\public side
  • Added option to search using multiple criterias (keywords, Departments, Locations, or all of them)
  • Enhancement to Grid search results:
    • Refactor property names in search result classes
    • Created RowDetailsTemplate for GridView
    • Fixed 'Export Data' feature for search Grid

Version: 4.3.5

[Release date: 2012-02-14]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • When the watchdog timer is set to zero on the properties of a server object, all timer clearing-restart properties written to the host message are now disabled. Field testing has shown that this change has increased satellite server performance 300% to 1000%.
  • Fixed error in escaping of reserved character (backslash) for AD queries
  • Corrected bug in auto-license procedure that was preventing newly licensed users from being added as targets, during current EPS run
  • Fixed bug that was causing BPE procedure not to record statistics
  • Improved performance in procedure that creates Mandatory Contacts by skipping an unnecessary comparison when the local folder has no existing Mandatory Contacts.

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Added Active Directory mapping for middle initial in global field mapping
  • Fixed defect when displaying column headers in table view for contact search
  • Separated MAPI setting for ECO Platform service from itrezzoAgent services in different registry keys
  • Created an option to run nested tasks
  • Omit reading of license pack information from mailbox during 'ACS Update All'
  • When an administrator person clicks on any ACS, ECO will now load without clearing the screen and repopulating the grid.
  • ECO log files will be archived automatically when reaching a size of 10 MB. A new log files will be automatically created.
  • ECO now uses new logic for TreeView and Canvas (add and remove rows)
  • Added option to display mandatory contacts from SourceMCL.xml
  • Added option to display mandatory contact (with categories) from ListMCL.xml
  • Omit display of empty address groups

itrezzo Self Service Update
  • Fixed an issue with SSU comment field which didn’t accept apostrophe character

itrezzo Employee Contact Portal
  • Added option to display default GAL from cached contact sources
  • Added option in portal configuration to specify sort order by lastname or firstname
  • Added option to set and clear department and location filters.

Version: 4.3.3

[Release date: 2012-01-27]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Reports current UTC date/time in log when service starts
  • Fixed bug in resolution of ODN
  • Allows CCL to push out photos from contact folders and import sets
  • Fixed issues with parsing first and last names in BPE/BPP processes
  • Added procedure to generate Auto-DL for ActiveSync-enabled users
  • Resolved issue with mandatory contact churn caused by including AD contacts with mail attribute set to non-standard value
  • Resolved issue with wildcard search characters in AD lookups
  • Completely skip the PINDL creation if there are no Push Enabled Lists
  • Improved efficiency of creating the PINDL Master List

  • Added UI for configuring Auto-DL for ActiveSync-enabled users
  • Replaced Last Name and First Name columns with Display Name when displaying list view of Handhelds container
  • Added Photo to list of selectable fields for CCL reading from contact folder or import set
  • Resolved issue with wildcard search characters in AD lookups

[Notes: Two separate fields are used for managing contact pictures: Photo and ImageHash. That’s handled automatically if the data source is an Exchange folder, or if it’s an import set using the default “Select * from EXPORT” query (assuming that those fields were included when the field was exported.) But if a custom query is used to read from the import set it must explicitly include both of those columns to be able to push out contact pictures]

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Fixed a bug with ECO Administrator that caused- statistics page to return error
  • Moved DDC-statistics to the navigation tree and added sub-tree items for DDC
  • Removed Active Directory from DDC menu
  • Fixed 'Run Update Source on ACS' so that when that's run, data grid refreshes without clicking the Refresh button

itrezzo Self Service Update
  • Fixed a bug with SSU - form completion (Thank you page) which displayed wrong next update request date
  • Fixed an issue with SSU - Edit user which returned exception (error) when user selected a NULL option for Departments
  • Added a simpler scheduler timeline with scrolling

itrezzo Employee Contact Portal
  • All mailbox users or contacts from AD are included in portal page
  • Added extended search option to include GAL items into the result set
  • Added option to open profile by SMTP if user doesn't have a SSU id;
  • Added option to search profile by SMTP address
  • Portal page will show first N' users by default (this number is customizable in web admin)
  • Moved title to the right side of the profile page
  • Fixed an issue with large amount of categories that caused portal UI to stop responding
  • Added search option by first name, last name on top search bar, then by other fields
  • Portal page is set to landing in search mode by default


[Release date: 2012-01-20]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug that was preventing full expansion of embedded DLs when AddressLookups > 0
  • Modified procedures that automatically license and unlicenses users so that they get identical results when expanding DLs for all possible AddressLookups settings
  • Implemented alternative procedure for assembling EPS targets, which is enabled by adding a DWORD registry setting "EPS.GetTargets2" with value of 1
  • Added log entry to report available virtual memory at the beginning of each task, and before various procedures during EPS task (appears in log prefaced with "Available Memory:")

itrezzo Self Service Update
  • Fixed an issue with saving private/public attributes for user profile fields
  • Fixed an issue with ICE (in case of emergency) contact name's length. Smaller font size is being used to display full contact name
  • Fixed an issue with SSU comments field that didn't allow to use apostrophes

itrezzo Employee Contact Portal
  • Modified to store pictures in full size
  • Set to show busy indicator while user profile picture is being loaded
  • Fixed a bug with removing user profile picture. [When a user removed his/her profile picture; opened another person's profile and then clicked on Myprofile link, portal page loaded second person's profile with first person's (removed) profile picture]
  • Fixed a bug that displayed only one portal address per category


[Release date: 2012-01-13]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Improved performance of AD queries used for group expansion when AddressLookups > 0

  • Improved performance of AD queries used for group expansion when AddressLookups > 0

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Modified privilege label text on Global Configuration - security page
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a warning sign when editing address fields
  • Dialog box to select users from the GAL now displays users from subdomain
  • Fixed ECO Data Dictionary search option so that when multiple keywords are entered into search bar, results include only return records that have all the specified keywords.

itrezzo Employee Contact Portal
  • Added option to order by Address
  • Fixed Profile view to display multiples address under a single category.
  • Added portal e-mail section
  • Fixed a bug with png image file upload to portal page which caused the portal page to stop responding
  • On the portal page Address map, fixed an issue with displaying and hiding labels. Previously, it wasn't possible to hide a location map label
  • Fixed a bug that showed a portal exception error when a non-privileged user tried to view the portal page
  • Improved algorithm for scaling user's picture to achieve better quality of the image
  • Fixed an issue that displayed picture edit-options over the profile picture when someone tried to edit his/her profile picture
  • Changed the default Portal Name from "itrezzo ECO Platform Portal" to "itrezzo Employee Contact Portal" (Further changeable by customer)
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow opening employee profile via a search results link
  • Fixed an issue which didn't display labels for Add Manager or Add Subordinate links on the employee portal page


[Release date: 2011-12-23]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed problem with incorrectly matching contacts caused by asterisk ( * ) character in email address

  • Ported some fixes for AD lookups from agent code that eliminate dupes and also capture group members that are housed in other domains

  • Fixed an issue with IE9 redirect to home page that returned Unhandled Error in Silverlight 2 Application
  • Fixed bug on portal page that returned error when searching with \
  • Enhancement to Portal page:
    1. Added method to upload and crop user (profile) picture
    2. Added option to allow particular users or groups to view personal information. ICE is considered to be personal information. (By default administrators have this access)
    3. Bind user pictures received from server to all places where it may require
    4. Added option that allows to add others as subordinate. (By default Administrators have this access)
    5. Added option to display Departments drop down
    6. Set access permission to portal
    7. Added option to display Locations drop down
    8. Added option to define organization name on portal page. Added text box option to modify that name easily.
    9. Secured access to portal. Added option to specify which domain group may access the portal. By default local administrators. (ECO admins have this access) SysAdmin can now add domain users or any other groups to access the portal. If an unauthorized user tries to access portal he or she will see denial message "You do not have permission to enter the Enterprise Portal"
    10. Added option to completely disable the portal. When the portal is administratively disabled a message would display "The Enterprise Portal has been disabled by the system administrator"
  • Added tool-tip with field name
  • Added Left & Right space to stretch profile view
  • Splitted addresses as block of fields
  • Converted View Profile button linked with person's name
  • Created Style Popup for GoogleMaps
  • Added a orange-color border around the profile name to distinguish logged in user in tree-view of hierarchy
  • Changed search cursor navigation
  • Added ability to view entered-address on google maps in tool-tip
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to cut profile data on user profile
  • Implemented scheduled update several times a day to run on back and front end
  • Fixed a bug that didn't copy row data when (on DDC search window) a row was selected and ctrl+C was pressed
  • Fixed a bug that changed the row data when (on DDC search window) a row was selected and ctrl+C was pressed
  • Removed duplicate (Business address) header in Business address section of SSU page
  • Added different icons for all labels in profile-employee section
  • Fixed a bug that displayed managers or subordinate links twice when accessing any profile via direct link
  • Fixed a bug that returned no profile data when any profile was accessed via filtered by department link
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to add person A to be person B's both manager and subordinate at the same time
  • Now it's possible to set another person as manager or subordinate without reloading the profile page
  • Added displaying message "Your Manager is now %FirstName% %LastName%" or "%FirstName% %LastName% is now your subordinate" to user when user set another person as manager or subordinate
  • Fixed a bug that cleared the SSUid when on Profile-Hierarchy page user refreshed the page
  • Added displaying client status of contact merging after changing user's manager
  • Extended caching on SSU public side to eliminate redundant contact data read or save actions
  • Fixed wrong data on Thank You page
  • Eliminated reading SSU admins while getting configuration on public side
  • Added displaying No comment text on Emergency page comments box, if user hasn't entered any comments for ICE contact
  • Fixed a bug that displayed last viewed ICE contacts when user hadn't set his/her ICE contact
  • Set ICE fields length limit
  • Fixed a bug that displayed denial message to user even if the user had corresponding rights for SSU configuration
  • Fixed a bug that allowed view-only privileged user to Backup and Restore SSU configuration
  • Now edit-right checkbox is automatically deselected when corresponding view-right is deselected
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow to switch Department field set as private to public
  • Added scrolling option if employee profile information doesn't fit into the window
  • Fixed Data Dictionary search that treated BES as both active and inactive source
  • Fixed a bug that putted inactive ACS data into Merged view
  • Fixed a bug in Merged view that didn't merge contact by email correctly
  • Fixed an exception error on Portal page that returned "ia32 NullReferenceException"

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.2.X

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