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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.7.X

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 4.6.X

Version: 4.6.9

[Release date: 2012-11-23]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Can now be configured to use Active Directory records from Data Dictionary as trusted source and merge them into EPS dataset.
  • Fixed bug in MCC/CCL process that could prevent updates to users' contacts.

  • Added UI to configure and display Active Directory (Data Dictionary) as a trusted source.
  • Fixed display of disabled users in EPS User Statistics so they appear 'ghosted' in all view.

Version: 4.6.8

[Release date: 2012-11-16]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in recordset cloning procedure that could incorrectly push extra MCL contacts to a target.
  • Fixed bug in reading EPS.ReferenceAge.MaxHours value for shared reference data.

  • Corrected error that would cause watchdog to restart agent when the interval was set to 0.

Version: 4.6.7

[Release date: 2012-11-10]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • MCC and on-demand CCL tasks now attempt to create a remote session if the server has been configured as a satellite, and will abort the task if the remote session can not be initialized.
  • Refactored how MCC\CCL task creates each user's clone of a shared recordset.
  • Additional logging entries have been inserted to isolate steps in the MCC\CCL task running on a satellite

  • Changed the timing and behavior when the watchdog resumes monitoring the agent after forcing a restart, and added logging to better trace the sequence
    As of this build there are two DWORD registry values that can used simulate a hang for testing the watchdog
  • ForceNoUpdate: set this value to 1 to prevent the agent from updating the "last status" timestamp requested by the watchdog. This simulates a complete hang of the agent service, and should cause the watchdog to restart the agent once the difference between current time and the "last status" timestamp exceeds two watchdog intervals. The expected entry in the watchdog log will look like:
    [iAWatchdog] Monitor:attempting to stop agent; compared LastUpdate value () with current UTC time () and found difference of > ( * 2) minutes!
  • ForceLoop: this value only takes effect when the EPS task is launched. It triggers an endless loop, which prevents the "task update" timestamp from getting updated. When ForceLoop = 1 you should see an entry like this immediately after EPS starts EPS::UpdateClients:entering endless loop in response to ForceLoop flag. When the "task update" timestamp doesn't get updated the agent's internal monitor will try to kill the task itself after 2 watchdog intervals have expired, and if that doesn't work it will request a restart by the watchdog after 3 intervals [Warning] OnTimer: no task activity reported for EPS since (3 > ) minutes); attempting to terminate task
    [Warning] OnTimer: no task activity reported for EPS since (4 > minutes); setting flag for watchdog to force restart.

Version: 4.6.6

[Release date: 2012-11-05]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • As a possible fix to an issue where the MCC/CCL process hangs after updating a single user the agent now recognizes a DWORD registry value named "CCL.UseSharedMbx". If this value is set to 1 the agent will open the target mailbox store from the main session instead of creating a separate MAPI session.
  • If the data for a CCL comes from a SQL query and that query is the same for all targets the MCC and on-demand CCL processes now get the recordset once and keep it open. Previously the data was always being fetched separately for each target user.
  • Fixed a bug in the CCL process that was finding non-existent changes between source and target data, causing unnecessary updates to user contacts.
  • Fixed two places in the EPS process where the task could appear to be hung if there were a lot of user records to evaluate, which could lead to the task being terminated prematurely.
  • Eliminated some unnecessary roundtrips to the agent mailbox for satellite servers that were occurring every few seconds.

  • Eliminated all MAPI logic, streamlining the monitoring logic.
  • Added a pause of 1 minute after stopping or killing service before sending a restart command

Version: 4.6.5

[Release date: 2012-10-27]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • When the watchdog interval > 0 the agent now checks every 60 seconds to make sure the watchdog is running and will issue it a Start command if it's not responding.
  • If the EPS task ends prematurely because of a service stop then at the next start the agent will detect the incomplete task and resume it, unless a maximum run time has been specified and that time has expired or has less than 15 minutes remaining.
  • Added an option to have a non-satellite server get the most current reference data available. If a non-zero value exists in "EPS.ReferenceAge.MaxHours" (DWORD) the agent will look for the most recent shared reference zip (including its own). If that file is no older (in hours) than the supplied value then it will be used and the data collection process will be skipped.

  • Fixed issues with the watchdog not monitoring correctly and failing to restart the agent after making it stop.

Version: 4.6.4

[Release date: 2012-10-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • EPS now recognizes "EPS.MaxSequentialLogonFailures" registry value (DWORD, defaults to 20 if the value is 0 or doesn't exist). The count of logon failures is incremented each time that EPS is unable to open a user mailbox where the previous attempt did not also result in a logon failure, while a successful logon resets the count to 0. If the count reaches the specified limit EPS will abort the current run.
  • Modified the AD query for disabled users to make it more efficient.
  • Added logging for satellite servers to record each call back to the main agent mailbox.

  • Service now starts immediately, whether or not the agent is running.
  • Fixed bug that could make watchdog repeatedly restart the services if interval is 0.
  • Watchdog now writes a status entry to its log file at least once every 30 minutes.

Version: 4.6.3

[Release date: 2012-10-12]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • The BPE option to remove records for disabled AD accounts is now recognized by the process that manages itrezzo ActiveSync DLs.
  • The source and target counts for active MCLs and CCLs are now updated on each run.
  • The heartbeat response was modified to eliminate ambiguity about whether service watchdog interval is 0 (disabled).
  • If the "Remove Obsolete" function has been disabled because of inaccessible data sources, the EPS summary report now includes an alert and a list of implicated MCLs.
  • Some repetitive logging events are now only written when the log level is set to Complete.

  • The MCL and CCL lists now display the source and target counts in red when the value is 0.

  • Fixed bug that could caused watchdog to misread interval (as 0) and not monitor agent if the two services started at almost the same time.
  • Watchdog now writes to its own log file.

Version: 4.6.2

[Release date: 2012-09-28]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Cache results of AD query for disabled users for 24 hours.
  • Fix error in evaluating results of disabled users query.
  • Added option to for MCL to retrieve photo from 'thumbnailPhoto' attribute in AD. To enable this feature add "EPS.ReadThumbnailPhoto" registry value (DWORD) and set it 1; also requires AddressLookups > 0.
  • Fully implement request to ECO for excluded emails during SSU task.

Version: 4.6.1

[Release date: 2012-09-26]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Revised scheduling to prevent collision with Backup task.
  • Added 'CCL.NoUpdateUserStatus' registry setting to block updates to user info message during CCL task.
  • Fixed issue that was incorrectly resetting MCC start time to coincide with EPS.
  • Implemented request to ECO for excluded emails during SSU task.
  • Fixed bug that was causing scheduled MCR backup to fail.

Version: 4.6.0

[Release date: 2012-09-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Implement category merge for Custom Contact Lists.
  • Agent now requests a restart from the Watchdog if it is unable to establish or re-establish a MAPI session with the agent mailbox after five attempts.
  • EPS task now terminates itself if it experiences five logon failures in a row when opening user mailboxes.

  • Implemented Restore option for Custom Contact Lists, accessible as option on context menu of root/agent node.

ECO Platform
  • Installer works with IIS8.0 on Win2012.
  • UserProfileDisplay column in External SSU database.
  • Ability to switch between profiles (Internal via External) in WebAdmin.
  • Ability to edit profile for External SSU users in WebAdmin.
  • External mail and SSU pages accept value of UserProfileDisplay column
  • MigrationTool does LDAP query to define if contact is Internal user and puts proper value to UserProfileDisplay column

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.5.X

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