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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.8.X

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 4.7.X

Version: 4.7.9

[Release date: 2013-02-25]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Implement option to read disabled and 'hide from address list' users from DDC (enabled by reg setting "EPS.AdFromDCC")
  • Additional trace-level logging for ACDS merge to EPS

Version: 4.7.8

[Release date: 2013-02-14]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed lookup code for identifying remote mailboxes in hybrid (Office 365) environment

Version: 4.7.7

[Release date: 2013-02-14]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Added ability to specify server for logging on to remote mailboxes in hybrid (Office 365) environment
  • Modified procedure that creates and maintains Outlook Contact Group (DistList) object for CCL to set Subject and File As properties, and to clean up duplicates
  • Fixed multiple issues with setting thumbnail photo on mandatory and custom contacts (MCL and CCL tasks.)

  • Added UI for setting hybrid server on Server properties dialog
  • Corrected regression on 'active' image for Active Directory data source

Version: 4.7.6

[Release date: 2013-01-31]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Resolved UTF-8 encoding issues for data received from AD via DDC
  • Fix regression bug in procedure that removes obsolete mandatory contacts

  • Additional logging if there are public folder retrieval errors
  • Fixed issue with display of Active Directory data source so it is clear when it has been inactivated

Version: 4.7.5

[Release date: 2013-01-05]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Implemented caching for the hidden recipients list, along with more aggressive monitor timestamping when running query
  • Eliminated check for quarantined addresses by satellites

  • Fixed expansion of dynamic DLs

Version: 4.7.4

[Release date: 2012-12-28]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Resolved issue with reading max run time when running on Win2K8 server
  • Fixed problems with false positives for internal monitor and watchdog
  • Eliminated unnecessary retrieval of handhelds folder by satellite
  • Lowered priority of MBL tasks to reduce the chance of conflict with other tasks

Version: 4.7.3

[Release date: 2012-12-12]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fix regression bug introduced in 4.7.2 that prevented agent from using of reference data, either as a satellite or on-demand

Version: 4.7.2

[Release date: 2012-12-21]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Eliminated check for handhelds folder when running as satellite
  • Fall back to using MAPI address lookups if address resolution or list expansion fails for any explicitly supplied (top-level) addresses (fixes incorrect removal of mandatory notes, among other things.)
  • Fixed gap in updating task activity timestamp during EPS target collection; gap could sometimes cause internal monitor to incorrectly abort task
  • Revised JSON parsing logic to match refactored output from DDC
  • The agent now treats the inability to access a user info message for a mailbox as equivalent to a logon failure and increments the sequential failure count

  • Removed "Cumulative" column from EPS user statistics
  • Revised JSON parsing logic to match refactored output from DDC

Version: 4.7.1

[Release date: 2012-12-06] itrezzoAgent Server
  • Removed SSUID expiration logic from Self-Service Update task; agent will create assign new SSUID if one doesn't exist but otherwise it will use the id that finds regardless of age
  • Fixed regression bug that was causing automatic backup to get skipped
  • Changed logic that sets and reads 'exit incomplete' timestamp for EPS, used to resume interrupted EPS run
  • Fixed bug that was preventing EPS from recognizing cutoff (maximum run time) setting
  • Reworked procedure that sends EPS summary report to admin
  • Simplified logic for setting the LastUpdate timestamp that is supplied to the watchdog service
  • Fixed bug that was could assist the CCL process from recognizing and pushing out updates to Notes field on contacts read from a MAPI folder
  • Reworked logic when doing an internal pause to restore MAPI session; the agent now ensures that the watchdog is running in case it needs to request a restart

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgentServer Release Notes for Version 4.6.X

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