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See Newer Release Notes: itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.1.x

itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.0.X

Version: 5.0.9

[Release date: 2014-04-08]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Add safety check in MoveToSubfolderMCL to catch invalid matches, resulting in contacts being moved incorrectly

Version: 5.0.8

[Release date: 2014-03-18]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • When using collection as an MCL source and a collection member is not found in the DDC, the agent will now try an AD lookup using the objectGUID

Not yet done.

Version: 5.0.7

[Release date: 2014-03-05]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Additional fix for AD lookup of primary SMTP on ODN to work for secondary X500 proxies

Version: 5.0.6

[Release date: 2014-03-04]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fix AD lookup of primary SMTP (stored as ODN) to work for secondary X500 proxies

Version: 5.0.5

[Release date: 2014-02-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Corrected logic for loading data from a collection into SourceMCL - it was aborting if an MCL was only made up of collections (no regular address entries or DLs).

Version: 5.0.4

[Release date: 2014-02-18]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed a bug that pushed mandatory contacts to a user that was not a target for any list when enforced deletes were configured.
  • Fixed regression bug that generated cross-linked addresses
  • Added logic to use the DDC copy of Active Directory to get the properties of collection members that have been selected as sources.

  • When expanding a collection used as a source, members with no email addresses will be shown if the object is configured to include them

Version: 5.0.3

[Release date: 2014-01-11]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • If phone selector hierarchy has been configured then EPS will now maintain phone selectors for all mandatory contacts, even if the process doesn't find any data fields to change.

ECO Platform
  • Merging will now also based on proxyAddresses (SMTP and X500)
  • Added legaxyExchangeDN attribute to Active Directory ACS
  • Collection Expand API: now returns ObjectGuid for each item
  • User Statistics - UCM updates Contact Tally
  • Separated push-notification logs from ECO logs
  • Improved Grid Filtering
  • Portal can now define members of the directory using a collection

Version: 5.0.2

[Release date: 2013-12-04]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug that was preventing updates to certain user contacts from the Global Address List.

ECO Platform
  • Fixed issue with reading/saving a large number of SSU enabled users
  • User Statistics: Configure Overrides now has “contact update notifications” option
  • Improved “GetMenuItems” performance to eliminate EPS Abort issue
  • Added more tracing to track-down RDO provider issue
  • UCM logs are segmented by target smtp address
  • Better icon for OU in tree-view instead of (was a puzzle icon)
  • Renamed All Organizational Units in GAL Dialog
  • MCL: Display contacts from SourceMCL.xml in a grid if the reference files exists
  • UCM: tuning performance:
    o Optimized ECO-UCM communication protocol
    o UCM is now multi-threaded
    o Count of UCM threads is an option (3 by default)
    o Create/Update/Delete contacts is done with a single EWS call for each action
    o Each UCM thread logs to a unique file
  • Web browser real time notifications and screen updates:
    o ECO service stability issues resolved
    o Handles multiple browser sessions
    o itrezzoAgent Hosts page will perform async notifications

  • Mailbox Viewer: Allow Group by Category on SSU Users page
  • Mailbox Viewer: Category column is visible by default
  • UCM: sort users by lastUpdate when updating collection, update oldest first
  • UCM: Ability to manually start collection update
  • Portal: Columns from SSU Categories and Fields
  • WebAdmin push notifications: proof-of-concept on User Statistics

Version: 5.0.1

[Release date: 2013-11-03]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • The MCC task now sets a flag to block the process that removes CCL contacts from obsolete targets if there's a problem retrieving any user info message, which is used to determine target validity.
  • If it turns out that the 'block clearing obsolete targets' flag doesn't work, the agent now checks for a DWORD registry value named "MCC.IgnoreObsoleteTargets"; if that value is set to 1 the ClearObsoleteTargetsCCL procedure will not run.

ECO Platform
  • Critical fix of permissions check
  • UCM->Configuration: ability to specify target mailbox for verification
  • UCM Backups fix: The type of the object in the store (PostItem) does not match that of the local object (Message)
  • UCM Updates mandatory notes
  • Ability add "Organizational Units" to Collections

Version: 5.0.0

[Release date: 2013-10-30]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed three bugs that prevented a merge-enabled CCL from finding matches if the source data came from a MAPI folder and the task was launched on demand.
  • Eliminated some relic MAPI lookups while assembling EPS dataset when AddressLookups > 0, using lookups against DDC copy of AD if it's available

  • Modified dialog used to select the Handhelds folder so it doesn't require a public folder store

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes v4.9.x

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