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itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.3.X

Version: 5.3.8

[Release date: 2015-05-18]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in auto licensing procedure that was substituting DN for SMTP address

ECO Platform
  • User Statistics never completes
  • ACS from Data Sources: password isn't hidden in properties
  • MySQL Connector
  • Displaying MCL's and Reference data
  • WebAdmin: Exchange Logon page doesn't save EWS config
    • Mandatory Notes
  • DDC: ACS/CCL should be cache right after creation
    • CCL / ACS query has line delimiters removed
    • ACS from Public Folder: error during cache update
  • Advanced Scheduler: option to force cache update
    • Persistent settings on dialog RunAdvancedOnDemand.
    • Show ages ( DDC, Collection, License )
  • AD Replica: Merged view contains contacts that exist in AD only
    • Run update source doesn't update data in merged view
  • MCL: Members button does not filter/search results
    • Getting of properties of some MCL never completes
    • Categories logic for MCL and CCL
  • Auto License: Advanced UCM should run auto license regardless to global auto license option
    • Improve autolicensing
    • Removing doesn't work when the target license is totally full
    • Updates only one of the multiple licenses
  • UCM: cannot find default contacts folder
    • UCM does not update on schedule
    • Wizard configuration for Office 365 need to set proper UCM configuration
  • Some GAL dialogs do not allow collections
  • Collections: Properties shows old data
    • Fixed issue with collection looping
    • Exclude from members dialog doesn't work
  • Startup Wizard: Default Privacy settings
  • Running CDL update wipes MCL count
  • Ability to save calendar
  • Users delicensed after upgrade
  • Setup wizard allows multiple instances to be run
    • Setup Wizard Auth Code step: request trial license, report get auth code failure
  • SSU External: ECO creates several identical groups

Version: 5.3.7

[Release date: 2015-05-3]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in expanding MCL targets

Version: 5.3.6

[Release date: 2015-04-28]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug auto license that added return duplicate, corrupted records
  • Fixed bug in CCL target list expansion that failed to return valid targets
  • Fixed bug in clearing obsolete CCL target that was deleting contacts from a different CCL and could delete the entire shared folder if the CCL is configured to delete an unused sub-folder

ECO Platform
  • WebAdmin: build mandatory contact based on DDC cache
    • Optimization of UCM schedule
    • TagetMCL page - default columns should be email1 and Category
    • Busy indicators & data download progress
    • Members dialog on UCM scheduler pages
  • UCM: User receives report after update even if UCM not made any changes
    • Summary report: UCM Result file contains wrong data
  • CCL & MCL: ability to refresh counts for all lists
  • User Statistics: Reference Age when DDC is used
    • Keep old value for ReferenceAge when UCM starts, check MCL Count
  • Specific settings for wizard when Office 365 is selected

Version: 5.3.5

[Release date: 2015-01-04]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • The procedure that moves an item from the main contact folder to a sub-folder now checks to see if the item contains any category with the current MCL prefix; if none is found it skips the moves and logs "skipping move of '': did not find any categories"

ECO Platform
  • WebAdmin times-out when displaying 3000+ external self-update users
    • WebAdmin fails to display CCL list
  • ECO: start UCM service if not running
  • CommonFund: Cant add Group calendar from Public Folder
  • UCM Config: ECO doesn't save password correctly
    • Summary report: UCM Result file contains wrong data
    • Advanced Scheduler not running on demand
  • Auto Licensing update only one of the multiple licenses
    • Auto Licensing doesn't move EVAL contacts into available licenses
    • License Pack rebalancing
  • Members Dialogs - ability to exclude right away from Collection
  • Global Configuration - URL Config: Error during saving

Version: 5.3.4

[Release date: 2014-11-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in MCL targeting a Public Folder when lookups option is set to use AD

ECO Platform
  • Web Admin: Global Address List & Data Dictionary configuration pages
    • Language Pack viewer/editor
  • ECO does not show any MCL's
    • ECO creates 10MB ADMIN log every minute
  • UCM: architecture revision
    • advanced schedule
    • Summary report: negative number in report
    • UCM: CCL Outlook Distribution option - bugs
    • UCM: Summary report
    • UCM doesn't remove obsolete contacts with enabled AD Replica
    • UCM: changing MCL Category Prefix calls permanent updating contacts
    • UCM: Emulating the itrezzoAgent summary reports
    • UCM updates disabled users
    • UCM: CCL Outlook Distribution List option
    • UCM writes wrong value in field "Categories"
    • UCM: Observe FileAs rule
    • “MCL” prefix is missing from UCM categories
    • UCM: backups marked as read with EWS Provider
  • UCM via RDO: Updating some CDL calls error
    • UCM via RDO: updating contacts with ODN calls error
  • Advanced schedule: UCM doesn't update some contacts on dev.local
  • User Statistics: UCM doesn't update "Contact Tally"
  • CCL/MCL: grid shows incorrect count
    • Grid shows incorrect Target/Source count for Dynamic DLs
    • CCL not merging data
    • Grid always shows zero in columns "Sources/Targets count"
    • Grid doesn't show source for CCL from Public and Private folders
    • Can't Open CCL container
    • Fix of Note MCL description
    • Remove MCL CCL from DDC navigation
  • Collection: contacts from BES aren't updated during starting service
    • Dialog allows adding same object twice
    • Drag and drop works incorrect
    • Collection Predefine list fails - out of memory
  • Licensing: groups not expanded with enabled Office 365 GAL access type
    • During start service removes contacts
    • Just added source disappears
    • Auto licensing works incorrect with expired/disabled licenses
    • Incorrect behavior for Eval users
    • Ability to schedule task
    • Task should import same license only once
    • Can't install license packs on Office 365 customer trial
    • ECO imported license pack but did not properly encode
    • Show License Id column
    • Ability to rename license
  • DSCC: Portal Collection issue
  • CDL: UCM doesn't delete obsolete appointments from default calendar folder
    • Part of CDL feedback and hot fixes
    • Calendar Distribution List: diff update
  • SSU does not properly revise the last edited date
    • SSU entry appears twice
  • SSU External: "View SSU Page" uses wrong URL
    • SSU External: incorrect status (inCompliance)
    • External SSU task ignores Nag parameter
  • CDL: Removing
    • CDL: option to push to subfolders
    • CDL: feedback
  • Office365 groups: error during opening members from GAL window
    • Office365: groups support
    • Ability to create collection with entire GAL for Office365 environment
    • Office365 groups support for UCM and Collections
  • Installer: ECO and UCM services recovery options
  • Calendar target users continually get reminders
  • Container Grid: Auto adjust of column width for long string
  • ACS Dialog - query edit box is too small
    • ACS from SQL: opening user's details calls error
  • Mailbox viewer - grouping by Category: grid doesn't show contacts without Category
    • convert ODN to SMTP
  • Exchange Logon: service mailbox with changed alias
  • Auto BES collection
  • Can't add Group calendar from Public Folder

Version: 5.3.3

[Release date: 2014-10-04]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in CCL procedure that was preventing it from pushing out a contact with an email address containing an embedded single quote

ECO Platform
  • Option to remove users mandatory contacts
  • UCM fix of displayName field update
  • UCM improved tracing
  • Fix for AD Replica feature
  • License Packs container optimization
  • Setup tool tune up
  • Changed from Setup Tool - NT Srevices managment to Setup Tool - NT Services managment
  • ACS/CCL: Updating description clears grid
    • Open grid of active ACS/CCL
    • Open properties of chosen ACS/CCL
    • Update field "Description"
    • Click Save
  • Error due to search in Data Dictionary
    • Open Data Dictionary - Seach
    • Choose search by active contact sources
    • Type search query
  • Collection: continuous busy indicator due to recursive dependency message
    • Create collections 1 and 2
    • Add "1" to the inclusion list of "2"
    • Add "2" to the inclusion list of "1"
    • Click save and close message about recursive dependency
  • CCL Grid: Target count
    • Update targets for any CCL and save
    • Click "Refresh Count"
  • MCL/CCL: Source/target count shows wrong result
    • Create collection A with dl B in the inclusion list
    • Open MCL properties and add to the target list collection "A" and dl "B" and save
    • Refresh count in a grid
  • Updating CCL: UCM doesn't clear fields
    • Create CCL with turned on option "Merge data from this list to existing contacts"
    • Run UCM for creating custom contacts
    • Update created contacts via Outlook (fill some empty fields)
    • Run UCM for updating custom contacts

Version: 5.3.2

[Release date: 2014-07-20]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Revise session check to work with Exchange 2013

ECO Platform
  • External SSU update
    • Added user with existing SMTP
    • Edited user dialog - tab index
    • Edited user existing user updates lastUpdate value
  • License Packs cosmetic improvement
  • WebAdmin: ACS view - when update task done - triger refesh ONLY when view is active
  • DDC: ability to modify tOutlookFieldDDC table from ecodb
  • WebAdmin: License pack container update
  • Office365 only environment - Users ONLY enabled on GAL dialog when Office365 is selected

Version: 5.3.1

[Release date: 2014-07-12]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed bug in EPS.PinToIMAddress that sometimes wrote the prefix only to IMAddress field, and added logic to clear the fields where it did get written by mistake

Version: 5.3.0

[Release date: 2014-07-10]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • If DWORD registry setting "EPS.PinToIMAddress" is set to 1 then EPS will duplicate any updates of the PIN value (written to UserField1) to the IMAddress field, with prefix 'BBM PIN:'. On a full update EPS will copy the PIN value to IMAddress field (with prefix) whether or not UserField1 needs to be updated

  • Fixed bug in Admin logon form that would not allow you to clear CloudUserName or CloudPassword once they were entered

See Older Release Notes: itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.2.X

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