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itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.5.X

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itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes for Version 5.5.X

Version: 5.5.6

[Release date: 2015-09-8]

ECO Platform
  • Mailbox comparer compares contacts that don't exist in source mailbox
  • UCM - edit schedule for collection: permanent busy indicator
  • Mailbox viewer: comparing some folders calls error
  • Fix for SQL Photo sync
  • Office365: Creating ACS/CCL/CDL from private folders calls error
  • EWS+Calendar update exception
  • Setup wizard on stand-alone host: On-Premise settings isn't saved
  • Benchmark tool: performance of reading items from Exchange
  • ECO Watchdog: NT service, DDC age and User Stat basic checks
  • ACS/CCL from SQL: details dialog takes data from caches
  • Send Word Now fixes
  • Circuit Breaker & Remove Obsolete for CCLs
  • MCL creation error! setup wizard ran successfully
  • Send Word Now task error
  • CDL: context menu in tree-view contains unnecessary items
  • ECO+UCM: CCL with stored procedure does not return any contacts
  • Setup Wizard: email messages have wrong REPLY-TO address
  • UCM Schedule: remove split window
  • Circuit Breaker & Remove Obsoletes for Custom Contacts
  • Mailbox Viewer: contacts with ODN instead smtp
  • Hayne: License mail subject & standalone host recognition
  • CCL Count in User Statistics should show count of unique custom contacts
  • AutoLicense puts valid licensed users to eval container
  • Secondary SMTP proxies: UCM is creating duplicate contacts
  • Wildcard filter for Exchange Server
  • Users Statistics: Exchange Server + HomeMDB
  • Memo Notes Sync and UCM
  • Auto license didn't work on simple collection with imported license pack
  • License mail subject & standalone host recognition
  • UCM & CCL from SQL query
  • CCL: Change menu items when DDC is enabled
  • UCM + inactive Active Directory: groups in targets and sources
  • User Statistics: CCL Count
  • UCM fails during create itrezzo EPS Backups folder
  • UCM should update these User Statistics fields
  • Not all users in Scheduled collection are being updated
  • Wildcard: UCM should skip mailboxes that don't match any wildcard
  • AutoLicensing: 'Remove disabled accounts from license' option
  • System fields mapping - initials, assistant, manager
  • ECO: Auto license task to update Exchange Server for all User Stat. items
  • CCL Count: two similar contacts created from different CCL in different folders counted like one
  • Predefined Collection + Calendar + Cache Age with UCM
  • Secondary SMTP proxies: UCM doesn't update some fields
  • UCM does not clear fields if Circuit Breaker is applied
  • WebAdmin: User Statistics page should have a button that shows DDC Age and allows to force update
  • UCM: oldest mailboxes should be updated first
  • Auto licensing broken
  • Enforced Contact Deletion: UCM removes contacts from all subfolders if UCM targeted on root folder or on non-existent subfolder
  • Enforced Contact Deletion: removed folders aren't moved to the Deleted Items
  • Notes: ECO doesn't read notes body from shared mailbox in Office365
  • UCM: instead of recreation of notes, diff should be calculated and applied to target mailbox
  • UCM: Implement Enforced Contact Deletion
  • Office365: Autolicense is disabling valid users, not updating Exchange Server
  • User not being added to license pack when smtp address is a substring match to existing users
  • UCM via RDO: error during removing obsolete contacts
  • Setup wizard: add version of itrezzo platform to Eval Request message
  • MCL: appears empty on WebAdmin and UCM doesn't push anything
  • Office365: Autolicence task sets wrong Exchange server for not cloud users
  • User Statistics: filtering menu of date columns broken
  • User Statistics: task of force update DDC uses wrong progress bar
  • UCM doesn't remove obsolete notes if mailbox no longer being a target for any active Mandatory notes
  • Installer cosmetic changes
  • Installer changes
  • Installer: MAPI CDO missing message
  • ECO Watchdog log is not localized
  • CDL: simple grid - refreshing grid doubles all items
  • UCM: Implement Enforced Contact Deletion
  • CDL: simple grid - adding Body column makes grid unreadable
  • ECO: UCM task fails to read LangPack with dynamic override
  • CDL: time on simple grid view is not localized
  • ECO: Collections are not being cached
  • Autolicense: Exchange Server is not updated for users not from autolicensing list
  • WebAdmin: Mailbox Viewer, Folder Selector and legacy EPS Backups - dynamic
  • WebAdmin: UCM Exchange settings validation - dynamic
  • Add Simple Grid View to CDL
  • ECO+UCM: UCM task hangs on ECO side if UCM frequently fails to update mailboxes
  • UCM: standard contacts recognition (mandatory becomes standard)
  • WebAdmin: provider settings validation on UCM configuration page
  • Revised wildcard applying performance at UCM task beginning
  • Ability to set UCM max threads per wildcard in case of dynamic override
  • UCM Schedule execution tasks - mail report skipped execution
  • Collection: including regular container the same way as OU
  • Can't run UCM on certain mailboxes
  • ODN resolution optimization
  • UCM dynamic override with threads limit investigation
  • Enforced Folder Delete\Purge in localized mailbox
  • Revise wildcard applying performance at UCM task beginning
  • Ability to set UCM max threads per wildcard in case of dynamic override
  • Wrong 1 hour offset investigation
  • UCM Schedule execution tasks - mail report skipped execution
  • Collection: including regular container the same way as OU
  • UCM: option to "Push disabled accounts" per MCL
  • Duplicated license packs during service mailbox move
  • Web Admin issues - WCF HTTP Activation
  • UCM: manual run on single mailbox - 10 mins BeginMCL timeout
  • UCM+Sticky Notes: put category both on Note and Contact items (list name)
  • WebAdmin: summary of UCM task history
  • Extended logic to move contacts that are about to become Mandatory from Default to subfolder
  • UCM moves wrong contacts to subfolder
  • Logs: obsolete calendar not being removed
  • Advanced UCM hangs (ECO Service Unreachable!)
  • Graph API: autolicensing - enabled option "Remove disabled accaunts..." removes all users from licenses
  • UCM: Move Contacts option - move contacts that are about to become mandatory
  • AutoLicense: scan Inbox and import license packs
  • UCM: option to "Push disabled accounts" per MCL
  • ECO is chocking on junk in service mailbox (itrezzoCCL)
  • Collections: cache users without smtp address to push it via MCL
  • UCM Update hangs, error during saving backups
  • Ability to Hide ICE information
  • "Mailbox failover threshold" option
  • UCM: ODN conversion + Email1OriginalDisplayName
  • Collection cache waits for all DDC items
  • Spelling correction in logs
  • UCM: improve Calendar update performance (chunking)
  • Enforced Delete did not work with contacts that were no longer in the GAL
  • User Contact becoming MCL is duplicated and orphaned
  • UCM: set contact deletion threshold in percentage
  • WebAdmin: move Privacy Fields to Advanced Field Settings
  • Global Exchange contact filtering based on message class "IPM.Contact.*"
  • UCM: collect obsolete user contacts for future enforce deletion
  • UCM: Automated Summary Report
  • GAL dialog: Contact are not shown in search results
  • SWN task executor returns 0, new MCL from Collection is empty
  • Enforce Folder Purge: Folder.Empty call when UCM uses EWS provider
  • Global Exchange contact filtering based on message class "IPM.Contact.*"
  • UCM: collect obsolete user contacts for future enforce deletion
  • UCM: scheduled task was hung
  • CDL: Appointments reminder option
  • CDL: endless recurrence once a month is not synced due time span limitation
  • AnvancedUcm: DDC, Autolicense, Collection - store in task history
  • SalesForce task exceptions (database schema)
  • ECO: AutoActive Sync Collection
  • EWS error code
  • WebAdmin: function to add/edit advanced field settings
  • CCL: UCM does not remove obsolete contacts
  • ECO ActiveSync not rendering properly
  • AdvancedUCM does not update DDC cache, Reference Age grows
  • UCM removes mandatory contacts and puts all the contacts back on a next run
  • UCM doesn't push disabled accounts from MCL (Email1 remapped in AD)
  • MCL (CCL) categories duplication leads to wrong view in Outlook
  • Error when writing categories CCL is not created
  • ECO Web Admin Access List requires changes
  • UCM with DDC has wide discrepancy for MCL count
  • List of field mapping shows only first 3 created mappings
  • ECO platform exception when duplicate list name is used
  • Custom labels for SendWordNow fields (Phone numbers)
  • User Statistics: CDL total count
  • WebAdmin (Portal): Winsock error == WCF activation error

Version: 5.5.2

[Release date: 2015-09-8]

ECO Platform
  • Full contact de-dupe with notes
  • Fixed UCM config page and ODN-to-SMTP conversion
  • Can't create Calendar Appointments after migration to Office 365
  • ECO: contacts de-dupe task on collection – algorithm still needs improvements
  • Can't open Office 365 public folder
  • No more removing user contacts
  • EWS throws an error when CDL update runs
  • Calendars are not pushed to all configured users
  • Recurring appointments: changed body of single appointment isn't displayed
  • UCM: Custom Contacts should not be backed up
  • License Supersede is not working
  • OleProvider + Photo field
  • PF sync not synching Notes Field
  • Setup Wizard: Always Override Default Mailbox with Office 365
  • Office365 PF issue
  • Enhancement to the "Request Trial License" message
  • SQL Photo sync fix
  • OLE provider: caching empty field "Photo" calls error
  • PF sync not synching Notes Field
  • DDC: OleProvider + Photo field
  • WebAdmin: GAL dialog default search and items with no display name
  • Setup wizard - do not allow personal mailbox to be used for service account mailbox
  • Enforce Folder Purge: Folder.Empty call when UCM uses EWS provider

Version: 5.5.1

[Release date: 2015-08-9]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • If enumeration of an ECO Collection fails when running MCC task processing of any CCL that includes a collection as a target is aborted and an alert email gets sent to the admin with the message "CCL 'name_of_ccl' could not be updated because some of the required data could not be retrieved" and "ECO Service Unreachable!" as the subject
  • When a new user is autolicensed the display name is now the name as it appears in AD instead of the SMTP address.

Version: 5.5.0

[Release date: 2015-06-21]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Agent: ensure that if valid EPS.ExportContactsPath is set agent will respect user override for 'Only manage contacts in subfolder'. Note: the underlying problem was that if a user override was set and 'Only manage contacts in sub-folder' was not checked that value was being ignored and the global setting was being used.
  • Admin: eliminate all references to cloud username and password

ECO Platform
  • Setup Wizard: error message change
  • WebAdmin+ECO+UCM: first use wizard
  • ECO service should start when it's not able to access service mailbox
  • Duplicates when MCL contacts are merged
  • Collection looping + Graph API provider
  • Categories logic for MCL and CCL
  • Collections: in some members dialog exclude is disabled
  • Defects: Categories logic for MCL and CCL
  • Collection Auto Refresh
  • Predefined BES Collection
  • First Use Wizard: First set of Comments
  • Defect when viewing some EPS mailbox backups
  • Adding a new license pack - Strange thing
  • Azure AD: Active Directory ACS should read photos
    • Business address mapped to home one
  • Setup tool - NT services - refresh button
  • UCM: Summary Report NOT indicating correct time of next run
    • UCM Advanced task options should have separator
    • Task History: UCM task doesn't show mailbox update details when run on collection
    • UCM Automated Summary Report
    • Advanced UCM creates MCL sub-folder when not updating mandatory contacts
    • Advanced UCM Run Now
    • Advanced schedule: UCM does not update on schedule
    • Improve performance of UCM Configuration Dialog
  • Duplicates when MCL contacts are merged
  • Setup wizard must not allow agent SMTP and POC to be the same mailbox
  • License check adds new EPS licenses without name
  • Auto license issue
  • UCM failing to connect with DDC
  • First Use Wizard: adding via drag and drop on GAL dialog doesn't activate "Next >" button
  • Office365: Opening GAL calls error
  • Appointment: not-all-day recurrence issue
  • UCM doesn't remove obsolete contacts
  • UCM Automated Summary Report: time in the report should be displayed in the local Time zone of the UCM server
  • Auto License Enhancement - Predefined Collection
  • CCL from data source: updating query calls error
  • Exchange Contact ODN-to-SMTP conversion issue
  • CDL: still issue with not-all-day recurrence appointments
  • Collection Members Dialog: bigger chunk 100
  • SSU Page: ICE - horizontal scroll makes text unreadable
  • ECO Platform service often times-out during start up - Event Logging
  • Migration Wizard duplicates groups
  • ACS/CCL/MCL grid: column selector
  • ACS/CCL: Window of details of contact doesn't show all info
  • SSU page: textarea type of SSU fields
  • UCM config page: first save breaks Exchange settings, UCM is not able to access mailboxes

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