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Blackberry Installation

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BlackBerry Handheld Firewall

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BlackBerry Browser-Based Installation

The current release of the itrezzoAgent handheld software is available for browser-based installation from this location: 

This URL will not normally be accessible from a desktop browser. This particular link is intended for a BlackBerry browser.

From an e-mail message

Generate an email message which contains the following URL:

Instruct the user to click on the link from the email to begin the installation.


  1. When the OTA details screen is shown, scroll to the 'Download' button until it is highlighted and click the track-wheel to begin the download.
    • The download process can take several minutes, so please attempt to stay in coverage while the download is in progress.
  2. If you are upgrading, you will be prompted to reboot. Click 'Run Now' or 'Reboot' to proceed.
    • Wait for the device to reboot if you selected that option.
  3. The itrezzoAgent is programmed to accept MDS Push requests and must be allowed to act as a server
  4. When the prompts appear, check the box to 'allow all http connections' from your BES
  5. Next, click on the 'Allow this Connection' option
  6. When you get the same prompt for SMS, also check the box and choose 'allow SMS messages'
  7. If your device has rebooted, click the itrezzoAgent icon
  8. The itrezzoAgent startup screen will show during initialization
  9. The itrezzoAgent should start initializing the user registration form.
  10. Fill in your name. Click the 'Enter' key twice when done. You may omit the user registration by hitting the 'Enter' key twice to register.
  11. You must now wait for the registration process to be completed. This process will take approximately 20 seconds.
  12. Once the registration is successful, the itrezzoAgent homepage will load.
  13. After the homepage is displayed, the alerts application will load.

Desktop-Based Installation

The current release of the itrezzoAgent handheld software is available for desktop-based installation from this location: 

Using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Using BlackBerry SDK Javaloader

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

OTA - Over the Air Application Installation==

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