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Installation of License Packs

After successfully installing the itrezzoAgent Server, the itrezzoAgent Administrator will receive an Authorization Code (AuthCode) from itrezzo. During the installation, an administrative contact is selected. This is the individual who will be responsible for communicating with itrezzo for technical support, and will also initially receive the licenses sent by itrezzo.

Installing the Licenses Automatically

Forward the original emails sent by itrezzo (which contain the attached license files) individually to the itrezzoAgent Service account mailbox you designated during the installation process. The license packs will automatically be installed and the primary contact will receive an email (within a few moments) confirming that the licenses were correctly installed.

Installing the Licenses Manually

  1. Save the .lic file attachments to a network share which is accessible from the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  2. Double click the itrezzo Administrator icon on the desktop to launch the application interface.
  3. Right-click on the License Packs folder and choose 'Add License Pack'.
  4. When the corresponding window appears, direct the application to the location where you saved the .lic files and click 'Open'. The licenses will be installed.
  5. When you choose the available license pack and click on 'open', you will be prompted to name it. Simply type in the abbreviated name for the license pack. In this case, the BPE license is being installed. Click 'OK' and you will be redirected to the main itrezzoAgent screen.

Assigning Users to License Packs

For itrezzoAgent EPS, add licensed users as follows:
  1. Select and expand the top level License Packs Container
  2. Select and expand the child container called User Licenses
  3. Right click on an available EPS license pack to add one or more users.

Users may also be automatically provisioned from the Users tab on the properties of the Top Level EPS container.

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