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MAME Service

1.0 Mobile Application Matrix Engine (MAME)

The MAME service is necessary for both PIN Blast and BlackBerry Browser Channel Support. It provides an HTTP REST style interface for these services. MAME is an ASP application that communicates with DCOM on the designated itrezzoAgent Server. The IIS Server can be on the local itrezzoAgent Server, or it can use COM remoting to interface with a remote itrezzoAgent Server.

2.0 Configuration

There are two locations in the itrezzoAgent MAME service.

2.1 PIN Distribution Lists

PIN Distribution Lists are part of the PIN Blast feature of itrezzoAgent. When a user is configured for a PIN Blast feature, the itrezzoAgent Server sends an MDS Push to that user which contains the URL of the MAME service. Once the itrezzoAgent in the handheld receives the MDS Push Packet, it will then issue an 'HTTP GET' command to the MAME service, also via the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service.

Setting PINDL Properties

Setting PINDL Properties

From the itrezzoAgent Administrator:
  • Expand the EPS container
  • Right-click on the PIN Distribution Lists Container
  • Choose 'Properties'
  • Set the path to HTTP://'computername'/MAME
  • Hit the 'Test' button. Even if the test fails, be sure to perform the next step
  • Hit the 'OK' button

This URL can also be set from the Mandatory Browser Channel Configuration.

See the Troubleshooting section below to perform basic testing on the MAME REST interface. The path can also be entered as a URL in a browser. For example, open Internet Explorer and paste in HTTP://'computername'/MAME

2.2 Mandatory Browser Channels

3.0 Troubleshooting

MAME is heavily dependent upon DCOM, Internet Information Server, .NET Framework, and ASP. The following is a list of items to check when troubleshooting MAME. This list will become more detailed and expanded in the near future.

3.1 MAME CheckList

  1. Test using IE or Firefox; http://'computername'/MAME
  2. Make sure that the WWW service is running
  3. Place a Text file in x:\program files\itrezzoAgent\MAME and attempt to access it remotely from a browser.
  4. Web Service Extensions
    • Allow ASP.Net
    • Allow .NET Framework 2.0
    • Allow Active Server Pages
  5. Permissions on the %TEMP% directory must allow IUSR_'computername'
  6. Permissions on the %TEMP% directory must allow Network services
  7. Permissions on the %TEMP% directory must allow ASP.Net account
  8. Re-Register
    • Open a CMD Prompt
    • Change directories to the version installed
      • Example would be cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\'version of'
    • Type in the following command
      • aspnet_regiis -i
    • Once completed, restart itrezzo services
    • Test MAME

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