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PIN Blast Setup and Configuration

1. PIN Blast

This article provides instructions to configure PIN Blast on A handheld device and using the itrezzoAgent Administrator. PIN Blast is easily configured and is a proven method of enhancing established contact management for both Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

1.1 Handheld Installation

Install the itrezzoAgent application on to a BlackBerry Smartphone

1.2 itrezzoAgent Server Configuration

The first step is to create a Mandatory Contact List

  1. Log onto the itrezzo Administrator with your credentials
  2. Expand the EPS Folder
  3. Select Mandatory Contacts from the dropdown menu
  4. Right-Click Mandatory Contacts and Add MCL (Target is Users Mailbox)
  5. Add the following information and then select OK:
    • List Name (What you would like to call this contact list)
    • Description (A short describer of the list)
    • Click the Select button under Source: Mandatory Contacts to pick contacts from the Global Address List
    • Click the Select button under Target: Authorized Recipients to pick contacts or distribution lists from the available address lists who will receive the contents in the Master Contact List.
    • If you would prefer to use a distribution list, choose the desired distribution list from the available address lists and click OK. Once you have added the desired distribution list, click its name once to highlight it in the Source: Mandatory Contacts list box and click the Details button to show the contents of the distribution list. Click the Close button to close the window once you have verified that the distribution list has the contacts you would like to distribute.
  6. Hit the F5 key to refresh the Mandatory Contacts window
  7. If you want to test your Mandatory Contact List, run EPS. Once EPS completes, you will see the Mandatory Contacts in your Outlook Address Book. They will be sorted into categories beginning with MCL:.
    • To run EPS select Servers from the main menu
    • Right-click the server to select Run EPS Now
  8. Right-Click on the MCL you had just created and select Make PIN Distribution List

1.3 Configuring PIN Blast

  1. Select the PIN Distribution Lists Container.
  2. Add the target handheld if it is not already showing.
  3. Insure the Check the box to enable PIN Blast is set.
  4. Right-click on the handheld you had created and choose Send Push Notification. (A popup dialog will show you that the push was successful)
  5. Almost immediately the handheld will show the PIN Blast loading.

2. Testing PIN Blast

  1. The home page will appear when the Push is complete. Highlight PIN Blast and click the track wheel to start the PIN Blast agent.
  2. Click the track wheel and choose Show Members from the menu
  3. The itrezzoAgent returns a grid with all members of the PIN Distribution List and their current PIN. Click the Escape (Back) key to retrun to the message composition screen.
  4. Type in a subject and type in the body of the message.
  5. Click the track wheel and choose Send Now to send the PIN Broadcast.
  6. Click OK to confirm sending the PIN Blast.

Additional documentation on this procedure can be found in this document.

The itrezzo APE can also be pushed via Over the Air (OTA) locally on an organizations network.

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