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Setting Up Permissions for itrezzoAgent EPS

Setting Active Directory Permissions for itrezzoAgent EPS

Setting Active Directory Permissions for itrezzoAgent EPS

1. Right-click on the root domain object:


2. From the drop-down menu, choose 'Delegate Control'. The Delegation of Control Wizard will open in a new window:

3. Click on 'Next' button

4. Click on 'Add' button to add Domain Users and Groups.

5. Add the domain service account that has to be used by itrezzoAgent EPS, click 'Check Names' to verify the account name, and then press 'OK' button

6. You will be directed back to Delegation Control Wizard prompt. Added domain service account is displayed in 'Selected users and groups'. Press 'Next' button:

7. Select the 'Create a custom task to Delegate' radio button and Click on 'Next':

8. Check the delegate control of 'this folder, existing objects in this folder, and creation of new objects in this folder' radio-button and click on 'Next':

9. Check 'Read' and 'Write' permissions and Click on the 'Next' button. Other permissions will be automatically added.

10. Now Active Directory Permissions for itrezzoAgent EPS are set and you are presented with the 'Finish' prompt of the Delegation Control Wizard. Click on 'Finish' to complete the delegation process. Delegation wizard will now disappear.

Setting Exchange 2003 ESM Permissions for itrezzoAgent EPS

1. While logged in as a domain account with Enterprise Admin privileges, right-click on Org level and choose 'Properties' from the drop-down menu.

2. Properties window is displayed. Select the Security Tab and click the 'Add' button

Note: If the Security tab is not displayed, refer to Microsoft KB Article: KB259221

3. Enter the domain service account to be used for itrezzoAgent EPS. Click the 'Check Names' button to verify the account name then press 'OK':

4. You are back to itrezzo Properties in the Security tab where you need to set Read and Write permissions:
  • click on 'added domain service account'
  • from the list of check-boxes below, choose corresponding permissions
  • Click on 'OK' button

Note: Permissions could take up to one hour to take effect in large organizations.

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