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SSU - Self Service Update


The itrezzoAgent Self Service Update (SSU) feature provides an opportunity for each employee to validate personal contact information and update that information as necessary. The administrator defines an interval for the Self Service Update(SSU).

itrezzo’s Self Service Update (SSU) facilitates data input from one of the most trusted sources – the employees. By automating the request and processing information from employees themselves, SSU provides a more reliable, quicker, and cost-effective solution.

The main data that is taken via SSU include emails and phone numbers of the employees.

The itrezzo System Admin can specify a Distribution List such as "All Employees" who will receive an SSU request message. Each employee within that Distribution List, receives a customized HTML message showing what information about him/her is already on file. The recipient can click on a secured link inside the message to confirm that the available information is correct, or click on another link that will take him/her to a website where the employee can update contact information. If the employee ignores the Self Service Update message, a reminder will be sent every 7 days to ensure compliance.


When the SSU link is opened in a browser for the first time, the user needs to go through a wizard with the following steps:

Step 1. Allows the user to enter data by category (Personal, Business, Other etc.). These categories and field types are configured at itrezzoAgent web administrator. These fields can be either required or optional and are configured at itrezzoAgent web administrator as well.

A user can also specify if his/her contact data is to be shared with other users. If a field is marked as private, the corresponding label will be displayed in simple SSU view.

By clicking the 'Next' button, a user can then proceed to the next step of the wizard

Step 2. Allows a user to specify ICE preferences. ICE contacts are displayed in the list. By hovering over an item on the list, the edit or delete icon is displayed. There is form for adding new a contact located below the list of current ICE contacts. Contact name, relationship, and phone number fields can be filled. To add a new contact, a user should click on the Add button.

By clicking the 'Next' button, a user will then be prompted to proceed to the next step of the wizard

Step 3. Allows a user to select escalation preferences. In this step, a user can manage the preferred times when calls to his/her existing numbers (which were entered in the previous steps) should go through. All phones are sorted by category. There are three available time categories by which a user can be called based on escalation: Business hours, Off hours, and Weekends&Holidays. By dragging a phone number to specific time column, a user can set his/her escalation preferences.

SSU profile

Subsequently, when a user performs SSU - no wizard is displayed. Instead, he/she will see a simple web interface with previously entered data sorted by Categories, Escalation preferences, and ICE contacts. At the right side of each category name, the escalation settings and ICE contacts Edit buttons are available. By pressing the Edit button, a user can change existing data (e.g. phone numbers) and update his/her contact information.

All private fields have corresponding labels.

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