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How to Move the itrezzoAgent Service Account Mailbox

If you are migrating or upgrading Exchange Server, you may have a need to move the itrezzoAgent Service Account Mailbox to a different mail server. Although the itrezzoAgent may work after the mailbox location is moved, it will eventually cause the itrezzoAgent to fail.

Use the following procedure to move the itrezzoAgent service account mailbox to a new Exchange Server:

  1. Log on to the itrezzoAgent Server at the console or by using Remote Desktop.
  2. Open 'Services' in the Windows Administrative Tools.
  3. Stop the itrezzoAgent Service.
  4. Stop the itrezzoAgent Watchdog Service.
  5. Migrate / Move the Exchange Mailbox (if it has already been moved, skip to the next step).
  6. From the itrezzoAgent Administrator:
    • Choose the 'Actions' Menu.
    • Choose 'Run Startup Wizard'.
  7. Close the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  8. Relaunch the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
    • Pull down the 'Actions Menu'.
    • Choose 'Connect to Mailbox'.
    • If the new Exchange Mailbox server does now show, correct as required.
    • Push the 'OK' button.
  9. Start the itrezzoAgent Service.
  10. Start the itrezzoAgent Watchdog Service.
  11. Scan the Windows Event Viewer and the itrezzoAgent IA-Report Log for obvious connection errors.

If you have more than one itrezzoAgent Server, repeat the above procedure for each itrezzoAgent Server.

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