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What is itrezzo ECO?

Enterprise Contact Optimization (ECO) is a method of collecting, merging, and distributing contact data.

In everyday life, we need to communicate with colleagues, business partners, and other key stakeholders. Contact information about these people is invaluable to communicate and continue business relationships. Contact information has to be regularly updated and validated. Equally important is to remove obsolete data. When staff members are tasked with doing this job, it is usually forgotten or is particularly expensive in terms of staff labor costs. The frustration of missing or incorrect contact information can cause lost sales or even put staff members in harm's way.

The itrezzo ECO platform is an easy yet very powerful web-based Enterprise Contact Optimization (ECO) solution that connects to the following contact sources, draws contacts, and then automates synchronization with users' contact folders that in turn synchronize with the handheld devices.

The itrezzo Enterprise Contact Optimization (ECO) platform supports contact information collection from a variety of data sources with the ability to process, clean, merge, and disseminate these to critical consumers of this data.

* The Global Address List / Active Directory Groups
* Microsoft Exchange Public Folders
* The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (PIN and phone information)
* SQL Databases
* Excel spreadsheets
* HR Databases
* CRM Databases

(Different contact sources that itrezzo ECO uses)

The challenges for most organizations are that these types of contact sources do not synchronize with handheld devices without the manual updating of a user's contact folder. This update process is also labor-intensive and does not give a positive return on investment (ROI) because company information continuously changes.

The itrezzo ECO Platform resolves this issue by using a different approach. Instead of making the IT folks fiddle with contact data or make the employees responsible for all contacts within their computers or handhelds, itrezzo ECO collects all these information by itself, and then puts the contacts information into a virtual repository where it runs complex algorithms to separate good contact data. It then pushes all valid data to all handhelds. Users are totally unaware of this process. Users only see handhelds full with fresh and good contact data. Total processes take place overnight and only at server-side. No user intervention is required from a client's side. No software needs to be installed in handhelds.

Powerful yet easy to use itrezzo ECO web-based console

Powerful yet easy to use itrezzo ECO web-based console

itrezzoAgent ECO Platform Main Features:

  • Intelligent workflow to obtain self-service updates (from every employee), about their own contact information.
  • Diplomatic follow-up - sending reminders only to employees who have not provided their updates and asking them only for specific data items that are still needed.
  • Administrative capability to rank data sources by their relative accuracy and dependability. The system then reconciles the sources and any conflicting data
  • Protection of the privacy of contact data where needed, allowing an administrator to set – for example – which employees can see the CEO's home phone number
  • Mandatory contact lists and nested contact groups (set by administrators), emergency contact data, and emergency plan documents which can be pushed to smartphones and stored in local cache memory for instant, anytime access even if networks fail.
  • Automatically pushes contact data efficiently to each employee's contact folder, sending only the changed data to minimize network and handheld load.
  • Automatically updates BlackBerry and other handhelds from Outlook when they are next cradled.

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