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What is Unified Contact Management (UCM)?

Are you still struggling to locate contact information on a mish-mash of spreadsheets, USB drives, sticky notes, or third-party apps on your handheld? Unified contact management, or UCM, is the continuous activity of optimizing contact information so that it will always be ready at your fingertips on a day-to-day basis and in any emergency situation. We describe UCM as encompassing the optimization of contact data because UCM solutions from itrezzo continually improve the accuracy and completeness of contact data, and boost its value to the organization by intelligently combining contact from multiple sources to create a trusted superset of contact data, and finally disseminate the data to the most valuable point of usage: the address book of smart phones carried, in most cases, by employees. Typical recipients of this optimized contact data will include first responders, crisis teams, disaster response staff, sales staff, and senior leaders.

How itrezzo Delivers UCM Capability

  • Detects or collects the most current or accurate contact information from all available sources
  • Combines contact data from these multiple sources to form a trusted superset of the best and most current contact data
  • Distributes changes of contacts and other content to any mobile device that leverages Microsoft Exchange
  • Automatically refreshes contact information per chosen schedule
  • Pushes contact information to external allied and parent organizations

To deliver UCM capabilities, the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, a software platform and infrastructure, automates virtually all aspects of the acquisition, updating, combining, and dissemination of enterprise contact data.

How Unified Contact Management Helps in Emergency Situations

  • Provides accurate contact information for immediate reachability
  • Enhances the completeness of contact data on a continual basis
  • Supports mass notification applications (Everbridge, for example) which are useless without accurate contact data

The itrezzo approach to UCM, as designed into the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager platform, also:

  • Delivers the correct contact data to where it is most needed
  • Supports Push-to-Talk and BlackBerry PIN features
  • Provides numerous disaster response features
  • Push emergency notes or emergency documents to hundreds smart phones

Other Key Features and Benefits of Using itrezzo's Platform for UCM

  • Updates information in the Corporate Directory or Global Address List(GAL) in Microsoft Exchange
  • Server-side only; requires no handheld or desktop software deployment
  • Works on any handheld platform that can sync with Microsoft Outlook
  • Enforces organizational policies on contact privacy on a field-by-field basis
  • Server-based, operates behind customer firewall, not a cloud application
  • Zero user training required
  • Scalable with multiple servers to manage thousands of employee records
  • Reliable – tested, proven, and trusted by major government agencies

Free Trial

Please contact itrezzo sales for a free trial of itrezzo UCM.

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