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itrezzoAgent BlackBerry Software Customization

The companion itrezzoAgent application that runs on a BlackBerry Handheld allows many agents or widgets. Some examples are as follows:

  • PIN Blast
  • Audio Alerts
  • Stock Quotes
  • BlackBerry System Info

In the event that you wish to customize the home screen of the itrezzoAgent on the BlackBerry, three steps are required:

  1. Enable 'Mandatory Push Lists' in the itrezzoAgent Administrator
  2. Create a custom menu using the XML sample payload
  3. Setup a Mandatory Push List
  4. Push the payload on demand to the desired target handhelds

Enable Mandatory Push Lists

By default, Mandatory Push Lists will not appear in the itrezzoAgent Administrator. You must enable it with a registry setting:


EPS Screenshot

EPS Screenshot

There is a preconfigured REG file that you can import. Download the REG file to the desktop.

Double click the REG file to import it.

On the itrezzoAgent Administrator, perform the following steps to verify that MPL's are enabled:

Create a Custom itrezzoAgent Menu

A sample menu:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<string xmlns="">
<HomeMenuScreen title="Itrezzo Home Screen - Welcome!" Style="PlainText" SearchFilter="TRUE">

    <MenuItem  Label="PIN Blast" IPALaunchAlias="pinblast" ImageFile="PinBlast.png" AutoLaunch="false" />
    <MenuItem  Label="EMail Alerts" IPALaunchAlias="Alerts" AutoLaunch="true" />     

    <Menu Description="Miscellaneous Menu" ImageFile="CustmrIcon.png" KeyChar="c" >
         <MenuItem  Label="Stock Quote" 	IPALaunchAlias="stckquot"  />
         <MenuItem  Label="Domain Name Lookup" IPALaunchAlias="whoisdom" AutoLaunch="false"/>
         <MenuItem  Label="BB SyStat" 	IPALaunchAlias="sysstatus"/>

EPS Screenshot

EPS Screenshot

  1. Download the Sample Menu to the Desktop.
  2. Open the document with Notepad
  3. Copy all text to the clipboard - Ctrl A, Ctrl C
  4. Create a new Push list
  5. Paste in Text
  6. Define Targets
  7. Save

Push to Handhelds

  • Push Now
  • Test the menu

Test Application on Handheld

  • Select the itrezzoAgent Icon
  • Verify that the menu pushed is correct
  • Modify menu as necessary.
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