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itrezzoAgent Language Packs

The itrezzoAgent Server has many customizable messages intended for users and administrators. The server can also support multiple (non-English) languages. These capabilities can be administered through the 'Language Packs' container within the itrezzoAgent Administrator console.

1.0 Technical Description

A hidden message inside the itrezzoAgent mailbox has an attachment with one or more language pack files. The contents are automatically loaded into memory. When the language pack is customized, the settings are retained in the mailbox. Therefore, all servers can share the language pack and the settings are automatically backed up when the Microsoft Exchange Information Store is backed up.

To handle upgrades, each time the itrezzoAgent Server starts up, it looks for a file in the default directory called IALangPack_English.xml. If that file has messages that are missing from the current language pack, those messages are added. No message is overwritten unless the pack is manually imported.

Because the language pack is saved as a message attachment, the itrezzoAgent Administrator does not flush until the individual updates is done and the application is closed. Procedures described below require that the itrezzoAgent Service is stopped and that the itrezzoAgent Administrator is closed to commit the changes.

2.0 How to Modify the Language Pack

The itrezzoAgent Server allows customization of all messages sent to users. This is done through the Language packs container.

Language Pack Administration Container

Language Pack Administration Container

Note: The following steps must be carried out for each group of language pack changes:
  1. Open the 'Servers' container in the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  2. Right-click on all servers showing as green icons
  3. Stop the itrezzoAgent service.
  4. Make the changes using one of the methods shown below.
  5. Close the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  6. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
  7. Verify the language pack changes.
  8. Restart the itrezzoAgent Service.

2.1 Browse Text Method

As shown in the screenshot above, there is a column for 'Description' and 'Text'. Scroll through the list to find the strings that you want to change, and edit them by right-clicking on a string.

IMPORTANT: There are variables such as %NEWLINE% or %Number% that can be removed. However, do not change text in between the percent symbols.

2.2 Find Text Method

You can search for the string you want to change and edit it accordingly. Select the 'English' sub-container in the navigation bar. A list of strings will appear in the contents windows as shown above.

Right-click on the 'English' sub-container in the navigation bar and choose 'Find Text'.

Searching for a Language Pack Message

Searching for a Language Pack Message

2.3 Excel Import Method

You can export a language pack to an XML file. With Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher, you can edit the pack and re-import it.

  1. Right-click on the 'English' sub-container in the navigation bar and choose 'Export'.
  2. Save the file to any desired location for editing.
  3. Make a backup copy in case you need to restore any settings.
  4. Edit the desired string(s) with Microsoft Excel.
  5. Save the file (retain XML as the file type)

Searching for a Language Pack Message

Searching for a Language Pack Message

Right-click on the 'Language Packs' container and choose 'Add Language Pack' to re-import.

3.0 How to Create a New Language Pack

itrezzoAgent allows the creation of a new Language Pack. It is necessary to have an XML file with the language pack that you want to add to itrezzoAgent Administrator. Follow the following steps to add a Language Pack:

1. Open itrezzoAgent Administrator.
2. Right-click on 'Language Packs'.

itrezzoAgent Language Pack

itrezzoAgent Language Pack

3. Click on 'Add language pack' from the drop-down menu.
4. A message will be displayed: Select the itrezzoAgent language pack to import.
5. Click on 'OK' button and you will be prompted to choose itrezzoAgent Language Pack.
6. Locate the XML file with language pack to import and click on 'Open' button.
7. Close the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
8. Open the itrezzoAgent Administrator.
9. Verify that the language pack is changed.
10. Restart the itrezzoAgent Service.

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