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itrezzoAgent Logging Information

Log File Location

The itrezzoAgent writes log files beneath the installation directory. If the default installation directory is selected, the logs would be located at:

C:\Program Files\itrezzoAgent\Logs

Beneath the logs folder, there will be one folder for each day of the week.

Log Folder Hierarchy

At the beginning of each day, the log folder for that day is created. If the folder already exists, its contents are erased. Only the summary log is continued from the previous day.

Log File Types

There are several different types of Log Files written to the default log folder. There may be additional files written if Maximum Complete logging is enabled.
  • Exception Log
  • Results CSV
  • IA-Report
  • IA-Summary
  • IA-Watchdog
  • MCC-Results CSV

Log Folder Hierarchy

The IA-Report is the most verbose log. When the IA-REPORT-'hostname'.LOG reaches 10MB, it is zipped and a sequential number is appended to the file name.

Since an EPS task typically runs overnight, any IA-Report log being written at midnight will be closed and a new one is started for the new day. The summary log which is copied to the new folder will have a more extensive history, allowing a technician to analyze the summary to determine which IA-REPORT zip file would have relevant data.

Disk Space Usage

If you need to calculate the disk space that will be required for logging, only the EPS process is relevant. For all other tasks, 50 megs per day is adequate.

For size calculations when running "Maximum" logging of the EPS task, this is a general guideline:

  • Multiply the total number of EPS users by 0.5 Megs (EPS users x 0.5 Megs)
  • Multiply the previous calculation by seven (EPS users x 0.5 Megs x 7)

For example, if there are 800 EPS users, allow 400 Megs per day and 2.8 GB of free disk space on the log drive.

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