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This document describes all the major recent releases and enhancements of the itrezzoAgent Server. For the sake of brevity of this document, only last three years logs are putted here. All changes after itrezzoAgent Server Version 3.6.0 are listed below for the itrezzoAgent Server, the itrezzoAgent Administrator, the Language Pack and for the Watchdog.

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itrezzoAgent Server Release Notes - Archived

itrezzoAgent Server Version 4.7.x

Version: 4.7.9

[Release date: 2013-02-25]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Implement option to read disabled and 'hide from address list' users from DDC (enabled by reg setting "EPS.AdFromDCC")
  • Additional trace-level logging for ACDS merge to EPS

Version: 4.7.8

[Release date: 2013-02-14]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed lookup code for identifying remote mailboxes in hybrid (Office 365) environment

Version: 4.7.7

[Release date: 2013-02-14]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Added ability to specify server for logging on to remote mailboxes in hybrid (Office 365) environment
  • Modified procedure that creates and maintains Outlook Contact Group (DistList) object for CCL to set Subject and File As properties, and to clean up duplicates
  • Fixed multiple issues with setting thumbnail photo on mandatory and custom contacts (MCL and CCL tasks)

  • Added UI for setting hybrid server on Server properties dialog
  • Corrected regression on 'active' image for Active Directory data source

Version: 4.7.6

[Release date: 2013-01-31]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Resolved UTF-8 encoding issues for data received from AD via DDC.
  • Fix regression bug in procedure that removes obsolete manadatory contacts.

  • Additional logging if there are public folder retrieval errors
  • Fixed issue with display of Active Directory data source so it is clear when it has been inactivated.

Version: 4.7.5

[Release date: 2013-01-05]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Implemented caching for hidden recipients list, along with more aggressive monitor timestamping when running query
  • Eliminated check for quarantined addresses by satellites

  • Fixed expansion of dynamic DLs

Version: 4.7.4

[Release date: 2012-12-28]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Resolved issue with reading max run time when running on Win2K8 server
  • Fixed problems with false positives for internal monitor and watchdog
  • Eliminated unnecessary retrieval of handhelds folder by satellite
  • Lowered priority of MBL tasks to reduce chance of conflict with other tasks

Version: 4.7.2

[Release date: 2012-12-21]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Eliminated check for handhelds folder when running as satellite
  • Fall back to using MAPI address lookups if address resolution or list expansion fails for any explicitly supplied (top-level) addresses (fixes incorrect removal of mandatory notes, among other things)
  • Fixed gap in updating task activity timestamp during EPS target collection; gap could sometimes cause internal monitor to incorrectly abort task
  • Revised JSON parsing logic to match refactored output from DDC
  • The agent now treats the inability to access a user info message for a mailbox as equivalent to a logon failure and increments the sequential failure count

  • Removed "Cumulative" column from EPS user statistics
  • Revised JSON parsing logic to match refactored output from DDC

Version: 4.7.1

[Release date: 2012-12-06]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Removed SSUID expiration logic from Self-Service Update task; agent will create assign new SSUID if one doesn't exist but otherwise it will use the id that finds regardless of age
  • Fixed regression bug that was causing automatic backup to get skipped
  • Changed logic that sets and reads 'exit incomplete' timestamp for EPS, used to resume interrupted EPS run
  • Fixed bug that was preventing EPS from recognizing cutoff (maximum run time) setting
  • Reworked procedure that sends EPS summary report to admin
  • Simplified logic for setting the LastUpdate timestamp that is supplied to the watchdog service
  • Fixed bug that was could CCL process from recognizing and pushing out updates to Notes field on contacts read from a MAPI folder
  • Reworked logic when doing an internal pause to restore MAPI session; the agent now ensures that the watchdog is running in case it needs to request a restart

itrezzoAgent Server Version 4.2.x

Version: 4.2.11

[Release date: 2011-12-23]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • When using AD queries for list expansion (AddressLookups>0) the agent now checks all supplied lookup domains for members of the list. Previously it was only looking for members in the AD domain that contains the entry for the list itself.
  • Implemented the option to launch a CCL task on demand, during which the agent communicates with ECO to get specifics about the task and to report stats for each mailbox after it has been updated
  • The agent now maintains a reference table in memory to speeds up lookups of individual Self-Service Update messages
  • Fixed regression bug that was generating duplicate Mandatory Contact records when AddressLookups=0

    NOTE: The on-demand CCL code required definition of some new public types and enums – as a result you MUST register the DLL using regsvr32 if you swap this patch DLL onto an earlier install. During normal setup that registration will be handled by the installer, so this only applies if you patch an existing install. If you neglect to register the new DLL the itrezzoAgent server service WILL NOT START.

Version: 4.2.10

[Release date: 2011-12-06]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • The procedure that automatically licenses users at the start of an EPS Run now recognizes the AddressLookups registry option to use AD for lookups
  • Modified Custom Contact lists (CCL) process to make merge process work correctly for contacts with EX-type email addresses read from an Exchange folder
  • The service now sends an email report to the admin whenever a task is rescheduled due to a conflict with some other task that is already running
  • Fixed regression bug that generated an overflow error and caused AD lookups to fail after 32767 query operations
  • Corrected formatting in EPS report; inserted linefeed after line stating that no updates were performed
  • Corrected subject of MCC Summary Report email to replace EPS with MCC

  • Added option to set CAS on startup wizard


[Release date: 2011-12-01]

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Modified Birthday field to display only month, day, year
  • Fixed text wrapping issue with viewing profile
  • Modified Departments, Employees hierarchy
  • Enabled copying from Text Boxes
  • Set on click of any user in hierarchy-TreeView to switch current user to this user
  • Set to hide empty fields from profile view (at public SSU landing page)
  • Added different icons for different field types in Profile
  • Fixed issue with Grid hot key Scrolling on search grid and Date columns
  • Fixed issues with URI template which couldn't have a query string and throwed exception
  • Fixed issues with Self-Update Users Null reference exception
  • Added ECO Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Fixed IE9 redirection to home page failing issue
  • Fixed Portal hierarchy image template 'RadTreeViewItem' issue
  • Corrected typo on Add user popup window
  • Fixed Self update users columns user interface Select all option
  • Fixed Firefox navigation bugs
  • Fixed Portal and Admin page scrolling issue for all these browsers(Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome)
  • Fixed a glitch that didn't display all data of CustomICE
  • Added tooltips to marged view for ContactSource details
  • Implemented ImageRadioButton control similar to HyperLinkImageButton control. It is being used in Portal User
    Profile main menu.
  • Fixed a glitch that auto selected wrong information for department and business address
  • Fixed reading and saving empty Location/Department values


[Release date: Not for General Availability]

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Fixed error: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND during updating the public folder
  • Changed NULL to empty string during department and location synchronization
  • Fixed reading data from EPS.xml to cache
  • Set delay reloading of EPS.xml after changing content in EPS.xml
  • Fixed SSU popup-Children field value in system.object
  • Fixed displaying total SSU admin contacts list
  • Fixed source update scheduler that triggered update to start immediately just after saving scheduler options
  • Added Employee's profile data on portal UI


[Release date: 2011-11-16]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed a set of bugs in the Export procedure that would sporadically leave out the data or the entire column for the Business Phone, Business Fax, Home Phone and Pager fields.
  • Fixed separate bug that caused merged data to be exported for MCLs when the option was set to use data from the original source.
  • Implemented method to allow export set to be viewed from admin.
  • Fixed one additional bug in export that would sometimes fill a blank value in a field for one record with a non-blank value from the preceding record.

  • Added View Data option to context menu on EPS > InterOrg Connector > Export, which tries to open the copy of the .dat file in the Export folder of the server that did the most recent export. The option is only enabled if the exporting server was running v.4.2.9 or later

Version: 4.2.8

[Release date: 2011-11-17]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Modified procedures that obtain supplemental data from AD during BPE process to try to identify source of errors in some environments

itrezzo ECO Platform
  • Integrated latest version of Outlook Redemption v5.2
  • Fixed synchronization between Departments and Locations
  • Added Departmentcode and Locationcode to the contact field list
  • Added Exchange classes for searching contacts by Department
  • Added ability to sort and group by location and department
  • Fixed issues of saving predefined contact properties to Exchange
  • Added process for updating locations and departments of MCR contacts
  • Added manually sync-task starting option from the user interface
  • Added feature of saving several contact properties at once instead of saving one by one
  • Added feature to post back selected department/Location and storing unique ID in MCR
  • Added feature of reading details of Exchange contacts via MAPI table
  • Added feature of reading data from Exchange ACS via MAPI table

Version: 4.2.7

[Release date: 2011-11-04]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • itrezzoAgent Server can be configured to rely exclusively on Active Directory queries when expanding lists of addresses which describe the source data for Mandatory Contact Lists (MCL) and the target lists for MCLs or custom contact lists (CCL); previously it used a combination of AD queries and MAPI-based methods. The new behavior is enabled by a DWORD registry value named AddressLookups under HKLM\Software\itrezzo\itrezzoAgent or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\itrezzo\itrezzoAgent on a 64-bit OS. If

    • AddressLookups value is missing or equal to 0, then the existing mix of MAPI and AD lookups will be used
    • AddressLookups = 1, itrezzoAgent Server will evaluate both the LDAP and Global Catalog providers and use the one which returns most complete resultset
    • AddressLookups = 2, all queries will use the LDAP provider
    • AddressLookups = 3, itrezzoAgent Server will only query the Global Catalog

  • Added the option to include DL members with no email address in the source data for an MCL
  • Implemented an option to preserve a user’s changes when updating a mandatory contact, by backing up the original to the main Contacts folder
  • Added an option for CCLs to only merge data to existing contacts and never create a new contact
  • Fixed a bug that could create an extra sub-folder when Mandatory Notes were backed up
  • The automatic backup procedures now encrypt embedded passwords in properties like connection strings
  • Reverted a recent change that was returning an relic value for Home Server in an Exchange 2010 environment
  • Fixed a bug that when exporting a contact set excluded some fields (like Display Name) if a filter was set
  • When reading data from an Import set, the agent will now always try to update the cached copy on disk with the current attachment

  • Will switch to using AD queries for expanding MCL sources and all target lists if AddressLookups exists and the value is greater than 0.
  • Added the Include contacts with no email address option on the property page of an address list-based MCL
  • Provided configuration options to Backup user changes by copying to main folder as the default EPS behavior or as a user override
  • Added encryption and decryption for any embedded passwords during on-demand backup and restore procedures
  • Added the Merge only, do not create contacts in this folder option to the CCL property dialog
  • When reading data from an Import set, the admin will now try to update the cached copy on disk with the current attachment

Version: 4.2.4

[Release date: 2011-10-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed the bug that triggers SMTP column to be dropped from the export set when field list is filtered
  • Added procedure to repair value of hidden trust ranking field
  • Added extra logging for ParseSourceMCL to help tracing errors expanding DL

  • Corrected procedure that calculates 'Est.Sources' for MCL to include DLs if they are included
  • Fixed display of Source and Target members to filter out records with no SMTP address that will be excluded

Version: 4.2.3

[Release date: 2011-10-19]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Changed to ensure that LastModified/LastEditedDate is read correctly from SFDC CCL, and, that properties required for two-way sync are written correctly

  • Recompiled to remain in-sync with agent code referencing shared modules

Version: 4.2.2

[Release date: 2011-10-10]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Added method to move all contacts in specified folder(s) to user's deleted items; a file called EnforcedFolderPurgeList.txt needs to be created and name(s) of the selected folder(s) need to be added to that file. Please see how to purge contacts for more details
  • Implemented procedure to optionally filter the fields that are included in an export set based on admin's selections
  • Fixed truncation of Notes data collected by MAPIFolder-based CCL,
  • Added some contact fields that were being left out entirely. Made additional contact fields available and these fields can be used in the CCL query
  • Modified import procedure so it is able to filter out other attachments being added by the mail gateway. For example, if all outbound messages include a disclaimer, the import procedure will properly select the correct attachment.
  • The Admin email list is now refreshed whenever the agent is ready to send a report or alert

  • Added UI to configure filtering of an export set
  • Expanded list of fields available for MAPIFolder-based CCL

Version: 4.2.1

[Release date: 2011-10-03]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Change algorithm for generating unique identifier for Mandatory Notes to allow procedure to handle copied notes

WARNING: All Mandatory Notes will be removed and re-added as a result of the above change. Since the quantity of Notes is usually small, this should have little performance impact. End users should not be alarmed if they receive automated contact updates and notice that many of their notes were removed. Those notes will get re-written within a few seconds with a different GUID.

  • When deleting or updating a Mandatory Note, the agent now drops a copy of the original in the EPS Backups folder so user changes are not permanently lost
  • Fixed a potential looping problem in the procedure that automatically removes users from EPS license packs
  • Add a user override option to omit Mandatory Contacts while still receiving PIN distribution lists
  • Fixed problem with embedded apostrophes in the UniqueID field of CCL data
  • Resolved issue with merging CCL data retrieved from a MAPI folder that includes the MCR

  • Fixed defect in any CCL query against a MAPI folder that included the Assistant Phone field
  • Set a default field list for new CCL against a MAPI folder
  • Improved UI for displaying the list of Mandatory Notes read from a public folder
  • Eliminated the "bad path" alert when creating a new Mandatory Notes public folder
  • Added UI for setting "No Mandatory Contacts" user override
  • Fixed reference for Telephone Broadcast List Manager
  • Eliminated hang at shutdown after viewing detailed list of public folder Mandatory Notes
  • Added logic to require at least one email field in CCL query against MAPI folder if Merge is enabled

Version: 4.2.0

[Release date: 2011-09-22]

itrezzoAgent Server
  • Fixed mapping issues for InterOrg Connector in the import and export procedures that caused data to be dropped from some fields (SMTP, BusPhone, BusFax and all business address fields) when an import set was an ACDS and MCL.
  • Fixed password bug with itrezzo InterOrg Contact Connector (IOCC).

  • Modifications made to the display of an Alternate Contact Data Sources originating from an import set now correctly displays all fields.

itrezzoAgent Server Version 4.1.x

Version: 4.1.15

[Release date: 2011-09-19]

  • Fixed bug in automated restore
  • Modified automatic backup procedures to skip properties that reference external namespace

  • Fixed bug in saving property change to existing Alternate Contact Folder
  • Modified manual backup procedures to skip properties that reference to external namespace

Version: 4.1.14

[Release date: 2011-09-15]

  • Recognizes "CacheLookups" DWORD registry setting. When this value = 1, the agent will reduce the number of lookup calls to Exchange and Active Directory by 60-70% during an EPS task.
  • Recognizes "LookupTrace" DWORD registry setting. When this value = 1, the agent will record the calling procedure, path, duration and success/failure for each AD and GAL lookup during an EPS or BPE run. At the end of the task, aggregated statistics will be appended to the Summary log and the raw data will be dumped into a file in the current Log directory (Lookups_yyyy-mm-ddTHh-nn.csv)

Version: 4.1.12

[Release date: 2011-08-25]

  • This build has a set of changes to address the issues for customers with 10,000 or more EPS users
  • Latest code of itrezzoAgent and SalesForce connector
  • Latest code of ECO Platform
  • Added ability to exclude inactive ACSs from search.

  • Modified BPE process to eliminate check for CMIME-BIS data unless specifically enabled, and streamline some data collection routines. Also reworked some reporting
  • Modified auto-licensing process so the task can be distributed across servers and skipped during some runs if so configured
  • Refactored auto-licensing and user info update procedures to use more efficient lookups and eliminate duplicate calls
  • EPS procedure now checks for current user override settings when it's ready to open the user's mailbox; previously it read in those settings for all users at the start of the run.

  • Added checkbox on Data tab of Asset Management/BPE property dialog to enable collection of CMIME-BIS data (off by default)
  • Added UI on Users tab of EPS property dialog that can be used to only run auto-license feature once every X hours (off by default)

Version: 4.1.11

[Release date: 2011-08-07]

  • Calls from SSU now finds Pager (and other) field value in reference set when MCR value is blank. This in response to requests for SSU data via the IACW COM interface.
  • An EPS Task now tries to create a remote lookup (satellite) session using RDO if a CAS server is specified, and a CDO logon fails against home server.

Version: 4.1.10

[Release date: 2011-08-03]

  • The SFDC connector had trouble with Unicode characters and is now fixed in v. of SalesForce.dll and MakeSalesForce.dll.
  • The Custom contact lists (CCL) process is able to request now correctly processes all SFDC fields in a SOQL query and push them out correctly.

  • All changes shown above for the server have also been implemented in the itrezzoAgent Administrator.

Version: 4.1.9

[Release date: 2011-07-28]

  • Coded to support CCL supporting MCR push

  • The legacy admin now has an option to create a Custom Contact Lists(CCL) based on the Master Contact Repository(MCR). When user creates one of those if user includes Notes in the list of fields to use; the data will be read from the customICE field in the MCR, formatted and then pushed to the Notes (Body) field of the target contacts.

Version: 4.1.8

[Release date: 2011-07-22]

Agent and Admin
  • Latest IAHelper.dll

  • Latest build of itrezzoAgent.dll that supports SSU(Self Service Update) mail template with ICE
  • Latest fixes for Everbridge

ECO Platform
  • Fixes for SSU users page (FCC issue)
  • ECO can work with static profile (possible to customize it in Global Config)
  • New performance SSU public portal

  • SSU Public Content Editor Background color matches runtime color
  • itrezzoAgent SSU update invitation displays at least one ICE contact
  • SSU User Profile Page is able to show blank fields
  • Within SSU Configuration there's a checkbox "Show Privacy Lock on SSU Fields." It's enabled by default. When it's clear, lock icon will not be displayed on any fields to reduce possible confusion among users.
  • Added Reset button on lower left corner (opposite lower corner from the finish button) at SSU Profile Editing Pages. When any field is modified, or a blank field is filled in, the button is enabled. Clicking on the button will discard the changes just made to that page and reset fields value to previous saved value/original values.
  • Improved SSU users performance
  • Page provides ability to edit fields and categories with more appealing, desktop-like interaction with user
  • SSU user interface (UI) provide ability to manage Self-Service-Update Users, task schedule and reminders
  • Possible to edit public area logo and public title
  • Possible to back-up whole SSU configuration categories, fields, locations and departments exported to external files, as well as, restoring these configurations by importing those exported files.
  • Latest enchantments according to DOJ feedback

Version: 4.1.5

[Release date: 2011-06-27]

  • Fixes for the SalesForce.COM connector

Version: 4.1.4

[Release date: 2011-06-16]

  • Fixed InterOrg Connector (export-import issues)
  • Export includes 4 missing phone fields
  • Assigns GUID correctly if header stripped/missing during import
  • Import set works correctly as data source for CCL
  • ResolveDN is replaced with an AD lookup, using MailboxDN to get primary SMTP, FirstName, MI and LastName.

Version: 4.1.3

[Release date: 2011-05-29]

  • Fixed some configuration for IIS 7.0 (MIME types)

Version: 4.1.1

[Release date: 2011-05-23]

  • Fixed SaveData/SetCurrentValues bug
  • This build adds the logo image as a hidden attachment and changes the src value in the tag to point to that attachment, so the logo image will display automatically in all clients including OWA

itrezzoAgent Server Version 4.0.x

Version: 4.0.9

[Release date: 2011-05-08]

  • the server now implements the privacy attributes for MobilePhone, Spouse and IMaddress

  • It is now possible to set certain user-attributes as private (e.g. MobilePhone, Spouse, IMAddress).

Version: 4.0.7

[Release date: 2011-04-13]

  • Custom Contact Lists can now be created as data sources in a Mailbox/Public Folder
  • Assigning EPS seats based on AD groups membership can be configured to automatically remove users from the license pack if users do not belong to any assigned group
  • The agent will now aggregate all current SSU licenses when determining the number of available seats
  • Self-Service Update (SSU) is now able to send request emails using the templates generated by the SSU 3.0 web application. (if templates are available)
  • Added DWORD registry value "CopyToSentItems": when this value is set to “1” a copy of any email sent to the admin (such as a BPP report) will be saved in the Sent Items folder of the agent mailbox
  • Added DWORD registry value "EPS.VisibleChangesOnly" to handle issues related to BES 5.0 behavior. When this value is set to “1” EPS will only update (dirty) as user contact if there is a change to at least one visible field. It will not perform a write if the only changes are to fields that are only used by EPS itself.
  • Fixed a bug which was interfering with the Restore process for user data

  • Added UI to support creating and managing CCLs that use a Mailbox or Public Folder as the data source
  • Added an option on the EPS Users tab to enable automatically reclaiming used seats from users who are not members of the assigned groups
  • Removed the "automatically assign" option from the license pack property dialog

  • Improved resilience when agent mailbox is hosted in an Exchange 2010 environment

Version: 4.0.6

[Release date: 2011-03-14]

  • When SSU 2.0 requests data for a user the agent will return an aggregated value for each field, equivalent to what EPS pushes out.
  • When SSU 2.0 submits the current data for a user the agent will only update the MCR record for those fields where SSU is returning a changed value.
  • If the test for MAME icon retrieval fails (during MBL) the agent won’t send an alert to the admin if the new property "MBL.NoWarnIconRetrieval" has been set to True on the agent message.
  • Added logic to detect low memory state that can cause Mandatory Contact process to update the wrong target.

  • Added UI to block alerts if MAME icon retrieval test fails

Version: 4.0.5

[Release date: 2011-02-10]

  • Fixed bug with EnforcedFolderDeletion which was deleting sub-folders that weren’t specified in EnforcedFolderDeleteList.txt. Now, only empty sub-folders during an EPS run will be deleted

Version: 4.0.4

[Release date: 2011-02-08]

  • Implemented EnforcedFolderDeletion to delete sub-folders under the main Contacts folder during an EPS run.
  • Deletion confirmation Report will be included in the EPS summary report
  • Exclude Blackberry address (CMIME-BIS1) from proxy address list used to identify contact matches
  • Enforced correct date format when creating MessageBlast XML packet
  • Implemented workaround for CDO bug that was breaking BPP report
  • Added cleanup procedure to delete outdated BPP records.

Version: 4.0.2

[Release date: 2011-01-16]

  • Finds the language pack attachment if Exchange 2010 or a virus scanner appends the .xml extension to the original filename
  • Deletes duplicate language pack attachments at startup.

Version: 4.0.0

[Release date: 2010-12-15]

  • Add support for SSU 2.0

  • Add support for SSU 2.0

itrezzoAgent Server Version 3.7.x

Version: 3.7.34

[Release date: 2010-11-27]

  • Improve precision and eliminate dupes when merging CCL contacts into folders that are managed by EPS tasks
  • Fix bug in determining when to force generation of an Export set

  • Fixed problem with display of some zipped and encrypted Export sets

Version: 3.7.29

[Release date: 2010-11-09]

  • Resolved issues during restore related to user records and location of Mandatory Contacts folder.

Version: 3.7.28

[Release date: 2010-11-01]

  • Write list name as category when managing CCL contacts
  • Added IM Address and Contact Photo to list of properties managed by EPS and Mandatory Contact List processes
  • At startup the agent now sends an alert if one or more default folders are inaccessible because the agent has been restored to a new mailbox

  • Added IM Address and Contact Photo to the list of possible private fields, and to the EPS data fields’ grid.

Version: 3.7.26

[Release date: 2010-07-02]

  • Fixes to support Exchange 2010 and separate CAS server

Version: 3.7.24

[Release date: 2010-07-02]

  • Implement correction and resolution of relic folder paths issues when restoring to a new mailbox

Version: 3.7.23

[Release date: 2010-06-24]

  • Added UI to manage Telephone Broadcast Lists

Version: 3.7.17

[Release date: 2010-05-18]

  • Implemented EPS Inter Org Connector (contact export and import)
  • Added alternative method to retrieve user Contacts folder for EPS target

  • Added UI for EPS Inter Org Connector import and export.
  • Presort names when displaying aggregated list of Source or Target address entries

Version: 3.7.16

[Release date: 2010-04-19]

  • Fix bug that left out information on dupes in the BPE report message
  • Implemented automatic backup of CCL configuration
  • Resolved issue that could fail to include some MCL data for records with no SMTP address

Version: 3.7.15

[Release date: 2010-03-15]

  • Fixed regression error in BPP summary report
  • Added persistent ID to MCL objects
  • Reworked format and creation trigger of PINDL packets

Version: 3.7.14

[Release date: 2010-02-12]

  • Updated Merge option for Custom Contact Lists to allow it to merge with MCL records from the same database query which don’t have any email address. In that scenario the Custom Contact List will attempt a match on the UniqueID of the database record, so both queries must use the same value for that field.
  • The Mandatory Browser List task will no longer be launched immediately after starting the service; the launch will now be delayed for at least one hour.

Version: 3.7.13

[Release date: 2009-11-22]

  • Improved Remove Obsolete circuit breaker: there’s an additional verification step if EPS encounters a DL that returns no members during expansion of target or source DL for contacts or notes. VerifyDlMemberCount does an LDAP lookup on the same DL – if the AD group doesn’t return 0 members then obsolete contact/note removal is disabled for the current run. Also when the agent saves the reference data it adds a tag named “remove_obsolete” with a single attribute named “invalid” to TargetMCL.xml and TargetNotes.xml. If the “invalid” = “-1” then obsolete contact/note removal will be disabled if the agent uses that file as reference data in a later run (“invalid” = “0” means the data is OK for removing obsolete contacts, but it doesn’t enable the operation function; that is still controlled by the EPS properties page and the Run Now dialog.
  • Added “FileAsFlag” as a property that can be read in from an ACDS. If an ACDS query has a non-standard “FileAs” value which should function as the most trusted source then the query should set FileAsFlag = -1 (i.e. 'Non-Standard Value' + ' (' + [Last_Name|Last_Name] + ' ' + [First_Name|First_Name] + ')' as FileAs, -1 as FileAsFlag). Otherwise the query will not set the value of FileAsFlag in which case it may be overwritten with the default value during a merge with other EPS data.

  • Modified to include FileAsFlag (if supplied) in grid when testing database queries.

Version: 3.7.12

[Release date: 2009-11-09]

  • Added logic to allow the option for a Custom Contact List to identify existing contacts in a folder based on email matches, and merge its data in the fields where it has values. Note that the CCL is treated as the most trusted source so it will always overwrite existing data for any field where the CCL has a value, but the CCL will not replace an existing value with a null.

  • Added dropdown to Custom Contact List properties dialog with option to merge data.

Version: 3.7.11

[Release date: 2009-10-22]

  • Changed SSU logic to have the user’s link remains valid for multiple update requests.
  • Fixed bug in request generation logic that caused the procedure to exit before sending requests to all eligible users.
  • Updated the logic that reads the request template and improved the logging.

Version: 3.7.10

[Release date: 2009-10-16]

  • Corrected a calculation used in the BPP report.

Version: 3.7.08

[Release date: 2009-10-02]

  • Modified the query used to identify hidden recipients to prevent an incorrect result due to an unusual condition in AD.

Version: 3.7.07

[Release date: 2009-09-01]

  • A main server now caches the data for Mandatory Notes and makes that information available to satellite servers.
  • Corrected an error that could appear in the calculation of the Unknown total for BPP protocol distribution.
  • Modified the internal test for MAME issues to eliminate some false positives.

Version: 3.7.06

[Release date: 2009-07-23]

  • Custom Contact List process now tracks when a mailbox has been removed from a target list and clears the CCL contacts from that mailbox.

  • Fixed bug in update procedures for Personality Agents

Version: 3.7.05

[Release date: 2009-04-22]

  • Can now use the itrezzo connector as an Alternate Contact Data Source, Mandatory Contact List or Custom Contact List.
  • BPE will now notify the admin if it finds conflicting records for the same PIN in different BES databases.
  • BPE now captures BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) email addresses from the BES. A BIS address ending in will be written to the CMIME-BIS1 field in the itrezzoAgent handheld inventory record; any other BIS addresses will be concatenated in the CMIME-BIS2 field.
  • If EPS is configured to “Push out secondary SMTP addresses…” it will preferentially use the CMIME-BIS1 address for that value if it exists.

  • Added UI to handle using itrezzo connector as a data source.
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving a change to the interval for the MCC task.
  • Modified procedure for selecting targets from the address book to resolve issue on some systems where existing selections are not included.

  • Resolved a bug that could prevent the watchdog from restarting the agent if the process had to be killed.

Version: 3.7.04

[Release date: 2009-03-11]

  • Fix regression bug in assembly of EPS targets when there are multiple license packs and multiple Exchange servers.
  • Changed BPP report to use 30 days as the cut-off for “No Activity” status.

Version: 3.7.03

[Release date: 2009-03-06]

  • Added procedure to purge outdated backup contacts from folder before adding attachments to EPS backup messages.

Version: 3.7.02

[Release date: 2009-03-03]

  • Added mechanism to allow satellite mailbox to retrieve reference data from main server.
  • Modified procedure that rolls the summary report forward.

Version: 3.7.01

[Release date: 2009-02-24]

  • Modified lookup procedures when using satellite mailbox.
  • Reverted change to procedure that identifies push targets for Mandatory Browser Channels.

Version: 3.7.0

[Release date: 2009-02-20]

  • Improve performance when assembling list of EPS targets and reading in contact data from public folders. The improvement is most noticeable when using satellite mailbox.

  • Fixed selection dialog for satellite mailbox so that it always returns a single result.

itrezzoAgent Server Version 3.6.x

Version: 3.6.37

[Release date: 2009-02-13]

  • Modify EPS task to skip creation and push of PIN DLs when using satellite mailbox.

Version: 3.6.36

[Release date: 2009-02-10]

  • Added option to have EPS create local session using satellite mailbox, which will increase performance for remote servers.
  • Enhanced performance of target list expansion for Mandatory Browser Channels.

  • Fixed display issue in EPS > User Statistics container which caused a disabled user to appear enabled if the status was “Logon Failed”.

Version: 3.6.34

[Release date: 2009-01-27]

  • Added function to enforce deletion of any contact in the Mandatory Contacts folder that has an email address that appears in EnfordedDeleteList.txt. If that file exists in the application directory and contains any valid SMTP or X500 addresses then the procedure will run. A total count of deletions appears in the EPS summary report, and a breakdown of the counts per mailbox is attached in CSV format.
  • Eliminated unneeded contact backups during a Full update.
  • Added logic to prevent corruption and cross-linking of the EPS dataset by an AD record that has an X400 address incorrectly labeled as X500.

Language Pack
  • Added two phrases related to reporting on Enforced Deletion.

Version: 3.6.32

[Release date: 2009-01-15]

  • Fixed bug that assigned an incorrect FileAs value in the EPS recordset to a contact with no values for any name field.
  • Added alternate method to retrieve public folder store ID.
  • Corrected layout of census report to handle longer module names.

  • Added UI to allow or prevent notifying end user about contact changes that are purely cosmetic, such as formatting of the display name.
  • The process that adds contacts to the MCR now only writes a single e-mail address to each record.
  • Fixed problem that was interfering with address selection on some dialogs.

  • Corrected time zone translation issue.

Version: 3.6.29

[Release date: 2008-11-25]

  • Modified the contact merge procedure to avoid copying over an SMTP address that matches the display name of an existing X500-style EX address (and vice versa), preventing the addition of an effectively duplicate email address.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the optional Merge Email Duplicates procedure from running if the data fields control option was enabled for EPS.
  • Eliminate the check for a valid MDS server if there are no active Mandatory Browser Channels.
  • Recognize new option to suppress alerts about a missing MDS server.

  • Added menu option to Mandatory Browser Channels node to suppress alerts if there is no MDS server available.

Version: 3.6.28

[Release date: 2008-11-23]

  • Added logic to merge data if the agent finds duplicates in the user’s mandatory contacts folder. In that situation only one contact is preserved and updated; data from other copies is attached to the backup message. If the backed up contact has data in a field that is null in the EPS dataset then that information is transferred to the remaining mandatory contact.
  • The text of the default message sent to users following an update has been revised.

Version: 3.6.26

[Release date: 2008-11-18]

  • Modified session creation and maintenance methods to handle changes in recent MAPI implementations.
  • Fixed bug in procedure that moves mandatory contacts from main folder to designated folder that could fail to identify matches.

  • Made all aspects of UI accessible by using keyboard only, without requiring a mouse.
  • Modified mailbox logon procedure to handle changes in recent MAPI implementations.

Version: 3.6.20

[Release date: 2008-09-24]

  • Fixed regression bug that prevented the MBL task from automatically deleting a browser channel from a device that had ceased to be a member of the target list.
  • Reduced the chance that a warning about the MAME icon service will be issued due to a transitory network or server event.
  • Added optional procedure to export contacts.
  • Eliminated some transient properties from the configuration backup to avoid producing misleading results on restore.
  • Fixed issue that could cause web requests to timeout prematurely.
  • Resolved issue with backup of multi-valued fields that was assigning null data type to array members.

  • Upgraded component to handle some session issues related to Exchange 2007 redistributable of MAPI subsystem.
  • Corrected evaluation of an ACF record that could cause assignment of the wrong icon and incorrectly enable or disable the context menu option to create a linked MCL.
  • Eliminated restore of some transient configuration properties to avoid producing misleading results.
  • Enabled deletion via the context menu of an inactive server.
  • Fixed problem with folder picker dialog that was preventing display of Public Folder tree with some MAPI implementations.

Version: 3.6.18

[Release date: 2008-09-07]

  • EPS will now identify and automatically correct the source or target of an MCL for which the “mail” attribute of the AD record does not appear in the list of proxy addresses. These “mail” values don’t resolve as EX-type addresses and EPS previously skipped them.
  • The WriteODN flag now works correctly for custom contacts and similar mail-enabled objects.
  • When automatic backups are enabled they are now always performed at the scheduled time. Previously the backup was skipped if another task was in process when it was time to start. Also, the scheduled time now automatically adjusts for daylight savings time; previously it did not recognize the start or end of DST and would shift an hour at the change.
  • User backups now include the creation and last modified times for each record.
  • Eliminated logic path that could corrupt user info records if EPS is unable to perform AD lookups.
  • Fixed problem with RDO session when agent logs on using static profile.
  • EPS now sends a PINDL notification to every eligible device whether or not the packet content has changed since the last run.
  • Added method that allows EPS to use a static profile when accessing a user mailbox.
  • Log now reports current GC associated with active profile as part of diagnostics header in each log file.
  • Fixed regression bug introduced in 3.6.06 that prevented mandatory contact updates from being committed unless data field control was enabled.
  • The agent now recognizes a license that has been imported automatically without requiring a restart.
  • Corrected time zone translation issue that could cause EPS to skip updating a user mailbox because it incorrectly evaluated it as already handled during the current run.
  • Eliminated superfluous access checks (pings) to Exchange servers where access had already been tested.
  • Reference to a non-functional confirmation link for inactive handhelds has been eliminated from the BPP report.

  • The menu option to stop or restart the service will now kill the target agent process if it doesn’t shutdown by itself within two progress bar cycles.
  • Double-clicking the MAME URL (on the PIN Distribution List property page or Configure MAME… dialog) now launches the MAME home page, which runs and reports on a series of diagnostic actions.
  • The estimated source and target counts for a Mandatory Contact List now get recalculated when you open the MCL property page and click OK.
  • When a property change to an MCL is changed just the corresponding row is now updated; previously the entire grid was reloaded..
  • User overrides are now preserved when restoring a user backup (IAUser m-d-yy.xml).
  • When registry value has been set for EPS to use static profiles when logging on user mailboxes, the admin will now create those profiles when the Run EPS Now options is used.

  • The application now runs on reports on a series of diagnostic actions from the home page.

Version: 3.6.11

[Release date: 2008-08-07]

  • Improved AD lookups.
  • Added logic to handle case of an AD entry with inconsistent email attributes (where the “mail” value is different from the primary SMTP address and also does not appear in the list of proxy addresses.
  • Include the name of the global catalog server used by the active profile in the diagnostics information.
  • Improved the algorithm used to identify and retrieve content from child links of a browser channel document.
  • Corrected date translation between local and universal time that was skewed in some formats.
  • Fixed error in the procedure that moves mandatory contacts to or from the sub-folder that prevented it from recognizing and ignoring custom contacts.
  • Revised collection process of BPP stats for records that do not appear in AD to detect and eliminate stale-dated entries.
  • Fixed bug in Manage Custom Contacts procedure that did an incorrect parameter replacement for some targets of a list, and only pushed updates from one list even if a user was the target of multiple lists.

  • Corrected display issue for Mandatory Contact Lists that could use the wrong icon for a list in certain cases.
  • Fixed bug in view of SSU container that could display the incorrect name for a row.
  • The address book selection dialog now displays an alert for any selected entry where the email attributes are inconsistent (where “mail” is not the primary SMTP address and does not appear in “proxyAddresses”.)
  • Added information about current identity to the alert that appears when there is a problem logging onto the agent mailbox.
  • Corrected a string parsing error in the procedure that tests the query string for a Custom Contact List which could misidentify the input parameter.

  • Resolved problem during automatic upgrade of the SSU component which could cause the \bin directory to either be missing or not have all of its files.

Version: 3.6.06

[Release date: 2008-07-03]

  • Provided the option to clear a field if the source data is blank or null, removing the requirement for the source text to equal “”. The option appears as a checkbox on the Fields grid dialog in EPS Properties > Data tab > Fields…
  • Added a Report Only mode in which EPS performs and reports on all its operations but does not actually commit any changes to users’ contacts.
  • Fixed bug that could block updates to the Home Phone field if it was marked Private even for those who were explicitly granted access.
  • Corrected issue that could return no data for BPP report in some time zones if the report generation time falls within a certain range.
  • Include count of handhelds using UMTS protocol in BPP report stats.
  • Fixed bug that could prevent a browser channel from being pushed if content caching is enabled but the content fetch fails.
  • Improved difference detection logic when accelerated incremental update is enabled.

  • Added the ability to specify a Push Initiator identity if required by the MDS server security configuration. The UI appears on the BES Connector properties dialog.
  • Corrected error that did not display a manually entered MDS server when the BES connector was reopened, even though the value was saved. Also added a button that tries to open the MDS server home page to check the configuration.
  • Provided UI to launch EPS in Report Only mode, and to set recipients for update notifications while in that mode.
  • Modified proxy configuration dialog, and expanded flexibility of content fetch to handle broader range of authentication scenarios.
  • Expanded browser channel content fetch to be able to read in an html page from a UNC path.

  • Now detects when the logging level has changed.

Version: 3.6.02

[Release date: 2008-06-17]

  • Mandatory Browser Channels can now be configured to push content directly to device cache. HTML content and images can be retrieved from main page, child links within that page, and links within child pages up to 5 levels deep.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Mandatory Note to get updated repeatedly.
  • Added “Spouse” to the list of fields that can be administered by EPS.
  • Fixed limitation on expansion of query-based distribution lists that only returned first 1000 members.

  • Modified browser channel dialog with additional settings for pushing content to device cache. Settings take effect whether push is on demand or on schedule.
  • Greater detail on results of last push is now available from Details button on browser channel dialog.
  • Provided menu option to configure proxy settings used by agent and admin.
  • Added options to data source edit dialog for handling additional connection types such as Excel spreadsheets, Access or Oracle databases and text files.
  • Grid displaying “Test” results of data query now includes all rows and all available fields. Updated all grid controls for better performance and stability.
  • Added option to exclude data import from AD when adding new records to Master Contact Repository.
  • Fixed calculation of estimated source count and list refresh for new or modified MCL.
  • Fixed bug that could interfere with adding a new SQL connector.

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