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itrezzoAgent Web Administrator

All itrezzoAgent administrator functionality is presented via web interface.

SSU Administration

All categories and fields for SSU are configured with an SSU administrator page in the itrezzoAgent web admin.

SSU admin has a toolbar at the top of screen to navigate quickly within admin sections. SSU admin has 3 parts: User list, Data categories, Scheduler.

User List

All users are displayed in a list and sorted by the time last updated column that is displayed to the right. A user's email is displayed under user's name. The Admin can view each user profile by pressing the corresponding button.
Profile view is similar to SSU user profile, but the editing option is unavailable.

Users who haven't updated their SSU profiles have corresponding labels and are marked with red. To send SSU requests, an admin should click on the corresponding button.

There is status bar on the bottom of the screen. It displays the number of total users, un-updated users count, and date of last request.

Data Categories

All categories are configured and the administrator is presented with a screen, where he/she can add a new category or modify an existing category. An administrator can also edit locations and department lists. Click on the 'Fields' link in order to manage fields in each category.

There are buttons for navigation within different Categories at the top of the page. By clicking the 'next' or back arrow buttons, a user can move to the next or previous category. To go to a specific category, users can choose from a drop-down list that is sorted by category.In the left part of the page, there is a list of all Outlook fields and at the right part of the page, there are fields of this category. To put fields to the right side, just drag and drop those from the left side.

Fields from the right side can have its own icons (e.g. for Home phone field there is a house icon; for mobile phone field - a mobile device icon etc.). Field name in custom data entry can also be edited or removed. To remove a field, just hover the mouse over the field and click on X button on that pop-up window.

Administrator also can add field, which is not presented in Outlook fields list by clicking on "Custom field" button. To save changes, click on "Save" button. There is also button "Location list" and "Department list". By pressing these buttons administrator can edit location and department lists correspondingly.

Pop-up window shows Location list. By hovering on the location in the list, edit and delete icon appear. All locations can be edited or removed by clicking the corresponding icon to the right of the location. New location can be added here. For new location, the following fields are available: Address line, Postal code, City, State and Country. Also name of the location should be entered here. To save new location click on "Add it" button. If data was entered, but different location should be added click "Clear" button, to clear all fields and enter other new location data.

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