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What is the itrezzo InterOrg Connector?

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector, an optional application that operates with the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager TM, enables and automates frequent updates of contacts between two or more organizations. The itrezzo InterOrg Connector is a secure and straightforward means to share contact data of all or selected employees with designated individuals from other organizations. The itrezzo InterOrg Connector allows a company / agency to export contact data on all or specific selected employees and transmit the data in encryption-protected form to one or more external organizations. This application answers the need and willingness of more organizations to collaborate closely and share information with other's companies or agencies.

Upon receiving the contacts data, a linked organization can import it and distribute it appropriately. During the import process, all contacts stored in local repositories are updated. The process requires very little work and a non-technical person can carry out the steps without assistance. Two common-use cases for the itrezzo InterOrg Connector are sharing of contact data between two different government agencies, or two loosely related companies that do not share a common mail system or corporate network.

For example, 30 members of a large city's crisis management team need to be in frequent communication with their counterparts at the county and state levels. The contact data is probably shared manually using spreadsheets and is infrequently updated because it is costly to refresh and distribute.

In another example, a company is acquired and the new parent company will take time to integrate the mail systems. Users at both companies need to be easily reachable, particularly during the early phase of the takeover.

In these scenarios, the itrezzo InterOrg Connector works within the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager to efficiently and safely automate the exchange of contact data with other organizations.

Common Methods of Contact Management

Contacts are usually stored and updated (manually) in the following forms:

  • Personal Data Assistant (PDA)
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • Excel sheet/Access database]
  • Outlook personal address book
  • SQL database
  • CRM system

All these methods focus primarily on local management of contacts. They are not designed for situations where contact data needs to be managed, merged, or exchanged between organizations. When sharing employee contact data with another organization, there are several tasks added to each company's workload. Incoming data from the other organization needs to be received, stored, and distributed to the appropriate users. The data to transmit needs to be selected, checked for accuracy, and sent to the other organization. These tasks are often done manually and sporadically. They come on top of the day-to-day burden of unifying and managing internal contact data, which in most organizations is incomplete, out of date, and disseminated in irregular fashion. Organizations need a comprehensive, unified solution to contact management including appropriately sharing contact data with other agencies or companies.

Benefits Provided by the itrezzo InterOrg Connector

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector delivers the following unique benefits:

  • Contacts from all the above sources can be sent to, and received from, other organizations using itrezzo InterOrg Connector.
  • Accuracy and ease in contact sharing between multiple organizations.
  • For the IT group, itrezzo InterOrg Connector removes the burden of updating contact data and providing it to another organization, and also eliminates the work of receiving, merging, and then distributing contact data from other linked companies.
  • For other employees, it saves small amounts of time continually for each user; they no longer need to enter and update contacts on their smartphones for individuals from the linked organization.

  • When an employee leaves and their contact data is removed from a single repository in the employer organization, itrezzo InterOrg Connector triggers the removal of that contact from all other organizations that are linked with a version of itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, including the itrezzo InterOrg Connector.
  • If any contact information about an employee changes, such as mobile number or BlackBerry PIN, this change is reflected in all other organization contact repositories including all of their designated BlackBerry handhelds.
  • Supports most modern smartphones including BlackBerry, Apple, and others.
  • Requires very little time and technical expertise to set up, update contacts, and conduct other operations.

  • Only the minimum data necessary is copied and transmitted. There is no impact on the performance of other network communications.
  • No requirement to open a port in firewall.
  • No need for additional resources such as a virtual private network.


The itrezzo InterOrg Connector does not require any extra resources such as:

  • dedicated network connections,
  • secure virtual private network (VPN), or
  • Windows Forest Trust Relationship.

This application can be deployed very quickly.

Who Benefits from Using itrezzo InterOrg Connector?

Any organization that needs to communicate frequently with another company or agency will derive value from the itrezzo InterOrg Connector while maintaining data security.

Organizations that benefit from the itrezzo InterOrg Connector

Organization #1Organization(s) they connect withReasons they need InterOrg Connector
Holding CompaniesTheir SubsidiariesKey financial and executive staff need to be reachable
AcquirersTheir Newly Acquired CompaniesTeams from each company need a high degree of interaction as they merge together
Private Equity & Other Investment FirmsTheir Portfolio CompaniesThe investors need ongoing contact with their portfolio companies, primarily with the executive and accounting staff
Private EnterpriseSupply Chain PartnersEnable better coordination of shipments and deliveries
Suppliers’ Field Service CustomersEnable field technicians to provide better service to customers
COOP TeamsAt Multiple Interdependent BusinessesEnable close coordination and fast reaction for disaster recovery and business continuity
Government Federal or State agencies’ COOP staffCOOP teams at other agenciesCOOP staff members need to access their counterparts from closely cooperating government entities
Department of DefenseCivilian AgenciesWhere collaboration is required for security, supply chain, and intelligence matters
COOP Staff in Federal Agencies Public UtilitiesA public emergency might involve the utilities’ infrastructure and require immediate communication
Public School Districts COOP StaffPolice, Maintenance, Public Safety, and Other Disaster Response TeamsWhere disaster response requires communication between the school district and safety-related agencies and departments

The itrezzo InterOrg Connector, an optional component of the itrezzo Unified Contact Manager, fulfills all requirements for sharing contact data between organizations. The software must be installed at both organizations. Trial versions are available. Please contact itrezzo technical support for download and installation.

Many leading global companies and key government agencies, including the DOJ, Department of Veteran Affairs, HBO, Shell Oil, and The Blackstone Group are now using itrezzo products.

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