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How to Migrate itrezzoAgent Server

Situation may arise when you need to change physical host for itrezzoAgent server. Since all configuration and licensing information are stored in itrezzoAgent service mailbox in an exchange server, changing itrezzoAgent server host is easy and nondestructive.

How to do that

Follow the following procedure to migrate itrezzoAgent to a new server:

  • Login to the new server where you will install itrezzoAgent
  • Add itrezzoAgent service account to the local administrators group on that server
  • Login to that server using itrezzoAgent service account
  • Download .Net Framework 4.0 from Microsoft download and install it.
  • Download and install the latest MAPI-CDO for Exchange server if it is not installed yet *
  • Download the latest itrezzoAgent server from itrezzo downloads) and install it
  • During the last phase of installation - Initialize itrezzoAgent - print the same itrezzo service mailbox, Exchange server name where that mailbox is stored and Exchange CAS server hostname or FQDN. These values should be same as before

    Type in itrezzo service account, Exchange Srv and CAS

  • Start itrezzoAgent service. [itrezzoAgent service can be started during the initialization wizard, or from Windows services console, or from the servers container in [Administration-itrezzoAgent-Server|itrezzoAgent Administrator] console]


  • Open itrezzoAgent Administrator and go to Servers Container
  • You should see the new server as a green icon [Green indicates itrezzoAgent service is running]
  • Double click on the green icon and insure that the settings for the BPE and EPS tabs are identical to the previous server configuration
  • Right click on the newly installed itrezzoAgent server and select Run BPE Now, verify it runs
  • Similarly Run EPS Now, perform a test on one or more mailboxes to insure that it is working.
  • You may create a contacts folder in one user's mailbox. Move a contact to that new contacts folder
  • After successful EPS run – that moved contact will be recreated on actual contacts folder. Further, you may open few contacts - Modify some properties/information for those contacts – insure after EPS run those contact information are restored to previous values
  • When you are satisfied that the new server is working, stop the itrezzoAgent service on the old server

If you need any assistance with the process, please contact itrezzo technical support team

*If you are installing itrezzoAgent on a BES, MAPI-CDO should be already installed. If you have any earlier version of MAPI-CDO, please STOP the following BES services sequentially: BlackBerry Administration Service, BlackBerry Mail Store Service, BlackBerry Instant Messaging Connector, BlackBerry MDS Connection Service, BlackBerry Dispatcher, BlackBerry Attachment Service, BlackBerry Controller and all of the remaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server services that connect to the BlackBerry Configuration Database. Then uninstall earlier version of MAPI-CDO and install the latest version from the above link

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